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UCR Undergraduate - Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Academic Advising 

All students majoring in business administration or business preparation are supported by academic advisors in the Undergraduate Business Programs office. Our advisors work with students from the time they enter the upper-division program until graduation.

The Programs office manages the following areas for undergraduate business administration and business preparation majors:


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Meet Your Advisors

Brianne Gomez

Professional Academic Advisor

(951) 827‑5285
Olmsted Hall 2340

Lata Patel

Assistant Director, Professional Academic Advisor

(951) 827‑4732
Olmsted Hall 2350

Elizabeth Tisdale

Professional Academic Advisor

(951) 827‑2512
Olmsted Hall 2340

Jackelin Shoji

Professional Academic Advisor

(951) 827‑4997
Olmsted Hall 2347

Jennifer Ames Osborne

Director, Undergraduate Business Programs

(951) 827‑2517
Olmsted Hall 2348

Thomas Kramer

Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program
Professor of Marketing

(951) 827‑7765
Anderson Hall 0238