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Academic Advising

Academic Advising 

All students majoring in business administration or business preparation are supported by academic advisors in the Undergraduate Business Programs office. Our advisors work with students from the time they enter the upper-division program until graduation.

The Programs office manages the following areas for undergraduate business administration and business preparation majors:



Due to the Chancellor’s Covid update, our offices will remain open as scheduled beginning January 3, 2022. However, we are encouraging students to utilize our remote options to the best of their ability. Please view hours below:

  • Degree Plans by Concentration

    B.S. in Business Administration Degree Plans by Concentration


    Academic Year 2019
    Academic Year 2020
    Academic Year 2021

    Business Analytics

    Academic Year 2019
    Academic Year 2020
    Academic Year 2021


    Academic Year 2019
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    Accelerated Finance

    Academic Year 2021

    Information Systems

    Academic Year 2019
    Academic Year 2020
    Academic Year 2021


    Academic Year 2019
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    Academic Year 2021


    Academic Year 2019
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    Operations & Supply Chain Management

    Academic Year 2019
    Academic Year 2020
    Academic Year 2021

    Use the Student Planner Tool to plan and organize all the Major preparation requirements, upper division core and concentration requirements, and elective classes you are required to take to complete the B.S. in Business Administration.

    For course descriptions, please visit the UCR Course Catalog at registrar.ucr.edu/registering/catalog

  • Course Forms
  • Courses Offered

    School of Business - Tentative Course Offerings 2021-2022

    Shaded boxes indicate course is being offered
    *Schedule is subject to change without notice* - updated 05/28/21 LP
    FALL 2021
    WINTER 2022
    SPRING 2022
    LOWER DIV      
    BUS 001: Personal Finance   HONORS  
    BUS 010: Intro to Bus. 2 Sections    
    BUS 020: Fin. Acct & Rep.      
    BUS 021: Gen. Fin. Acct. Info      
                 UPPER DIV-CORE      
    BUS 100W: Mgmt Writing & Comm. 2 Sections    
    BUS 101: Info. Tech. Mgmt      
    BUS 102: Ethics & Law 2 Sections    
    BUS 103: Mkting & Dist. Mgmt Science 2 Sections    
    BUS 104: Dec. Analy. & Mgt     2 Sections
    BUS 105: Prod. & Ops Mgt   2 Sections  
    BUS 106: Intro Fin.l Mgmt 2 Sections 2 Sections  
    BUS 107: Org. Beh 2 Sections    
    BUS 108: Fin Eval & Mgrl Analy      
    BUS 109: Comp & Strat Analy 2 Sections 2 Sections 2 Sections
    BUS 154: Bus Law      
    BUS 161: Foren & Fraud Auditing      
    BUS 165A: Interm. Fin Acct      
    BUS 165B: Interm. Fin Acct      
    BUS 165C: Interm. Fin Acct      
    BUS 166: Accting Info Sys      
    BUS 168A: Indiv Taxation 2 Sections    
    BUS 168B: Fed Taxat for Corp., Prtner., Est., & Trst.      
    BUS 169A: Auditing      
    BUS 169B: Qual Assur in Auditing      
    BUS 170: Financial Statement Analysis      
    BUS 119- Data-Driven Marketing 2 Sections    
    BUS 123-Spreadsheet Modeling for Dec-Making      
    BUS 124A- Business Analytics      
    BUS 124B- Advance Business Analytics      
    BUS 125- Simulation for Business      
    BUS 129- Supply Chain Mgmt.      
    BUS 130- Supply Chain Modeling      
    BUS 136- Invsts: Securities Analy.      
    BUS 173: Intro to Datab for Mgmt      
    BUS 131: Fixed Income Securities      
    BUS 132: Foundations of Fin      
    BUS 133: Advance Foundation of Fin      
    BUS 134: Corp. Fin      
    BUS 135: Corp. Fin: Policy      
    BUS 136: Invsts: Sec Analy and Portfolio Mgmt.      
    BUS 137: Invsts: Derivative Mkts.      
    BUS 138: Intl Fin      
    BUS 139: Real Est. Invsts      
    BUS 141: Trading Strategies      
    BUS 142 Banks & Risks of Fin. Inst.      
    BUS 147: Entrep. Finan      
    BUS 110: Intro to Data Mining & Visual Analytics      
    BUS 125: Simulation for Business      
    BUS 128: Proj Plan & Cntrl      
    BUS 163: Technology Entrepreneurship      
    BUS 171: Sys Analy & Design      
    BUS 172: Info Econ      
    BUS 173: Intro to Datab for Mgmt      
    BUS 174: Electr Commerce      
    BUS 175: Bus Data Comm      
    BUS 179: Business app of Geographic Infor Sys      
    BUS 121: Employee Benefits      
    BUS 143: Judgmt & Dec Mking   2 Sections  
    BUS 144: Neg Fundmtls     2 Sections
    BUS 145: Conflict & Cooperation In Groups      
    BUS 146: Intro to Entrep.      
    BUS 148: Bus Plan Devel.      
    BUS 149: Appl of Psyc/Econ to Mgmt 2 Sections    
    BUS 150: Corp Strategic Analysis in Multi-Bus Firms      
    BUS 154: Bus Law      
    BUS 155: Mnging HR      
    BUS 156: Leadership Devel      
    BUS 157: Mnging Work Forc. Div      
    BUS 173: Intro to Datab for Mgmt      
    BUS 177 Labor Relations      
    BUS 111: Serv. Mkting      
    BUS 112: Cons. Beh. 2 Sections 2 Sections  
    BUS 113: Mkting Inst.     2 Sections
    BUS 114: Mkting in a Global Envir.      
    BUS 115: Mkting Res.     2 Sections
    BUS 116: Pricing Strategy & Mgmt.      
    BUS 117: Advert.     2 Sections
    BUS 118: Digital Marketing      
    BUS 119: Data-driven Marketing 2 Sections    
    BUS 151: Brand Management     2 Sections
    BUS 152: Sales Management      
    BUS 123: Spreadsheet Modeling      
    BUS 124A: Business Analytics      
    BUS 124B: Advance Business Analytics      
    BUS 125: Simulation for Business      
    BUS 128: Proj Plan & Cntrl      
    BUS 129: Supp. Chn Mgmt      
    BUS 130: Supply Chain Modeling      
    BUS 173: Intro to Datab for Mgmt      
  • CPA Forms

    The curriculum in the undergraduate accounting program provides many of the foundational requirements for professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

    A CPA is a certified public accountant and is licensed by the state. To earn a CPA license in In California, individuals are required to demonstrate their knowledge and competence by passing the uniform CPA Exam.

    Business Administration Major CPA Requirements Worksheet 

    If you have additional questions about CPA requirements, visit the California Board of Accountancy or the CalCPA. If you have questions about how UCR courses fit into the CPA requirements, schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor.

  • Career Pathways
  • BUS 198i - Business Internship Course
    BUS 198i - Individual Internship in Business

    This is a 4-unit course offered every quarter (including summer) to enhance your classroom skills with experience in the workplace. For those seeking careers in Business, we recommend that you complete at least one internship prior to graduation as employers are looking more and more for hands-on experience. 

    Please view this flyer (PDF) for detailed information:

    BUS 198i - Business Internship Course flyer (PDF)

    Please also view the UCR Career Center's internship information page:

    UCR career Center internship page


    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Jennifer Ames Osborne, Ed.D

    UCR School of Business
    Director, Undergraduate Business Programs

    2340 Olmsted Hall
    Riverside, CA 92521

    Main Office: (951) 827-4551
    Direct: (951) 827-2517

    Direct email: jennifer.osborne@ucr.edu

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