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Minor in Business Administration

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Minors in Business 

All students, excluding business majors, can complete a minor in business. Whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit, an interest in leadership or envision yourself managing an organization, classes you take toward a business minor provide a strong foundation in the basics of business.

Take courses in in the functional business areas for in-depth education in

  • general business
  • accounting
  • business analytics
  • finance
  • information systems
  • management - organizational behavior/human resources
  • management - strategy and entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • operations and supply chain management


  • Business Minor Prerequisites

    Students working toward a minor in business must complete the following three courses:

    BUS 20: Financial Accounting and Reporting
    Studies the concepts and techniques for measurement and communication of financial information and interpretation of financial statements.

    ECON 3: Intro to Microeconomics
    An introduction to the study of the economic system from the micro, or individual decision-makers, perspective. Includes analysis of competition, monopoly and the distribution of income.

    STAT 48: Statistics for Business
    An introduction to statistics using business applications. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, Bayes’ theorem, random variables, estimation and confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance and simple linear regression.

  • Business Minor Options & Plans

    The UCR School of Business offers nine minors in business, covering all of the functional areas. A complete list of the courses and prerequisites for each minor can be found here via the link below.

    For course descriptions, please visit the UC Riverside course catalog.

    UCR School of Business 20-21 Minors with Prerequisites


To declare a minor in business, meet with an advisor at the Undergraduate Business Programs office. 

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