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Information Systems

Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) is focused on helping organizations leverage technology to create or sustain a competitive advantage. To achieve this, a solid understanding of both fundamental technologies and management is crucial. While Information Technology (IT) constitutes the tools, Information Systems is centered on understanding the tools and how they interact and integrate with people and processes throughout an organization.

Due to the rapid pace of change in the world of technology, managers must be able to quickly understand the implications of new technology for their organization. Consequently, our students often pursue careers in consulting, where a comprehensive view of management is needed. The UCR School of Business Information Systems curriculum is also well-suited for students who focus on other areas of management, such as marketing, accounting, operations, finance and general management.

Information Systems Pathways at UCR School of Business

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B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Information Systems

Get a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. Each concentration provides a wide selection of courses to choose from. Students must complete five courses from the Information Systems concentration. See the concentration in information systems degree plan.

Bachelors of Science Program

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MBA with a Concentration in Information Systems

Gain the unique skill sets that will differentiate you as an expert in a particular business area by choosing one or two concentrations. The information systems concentration requires five courses, and students may choose from a wide range of electives within the concentration. Courses can be selected with the assistance of a faculty advisor to meet individual educational and career goals.

MBA Program

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