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UCR Undergraduate - Beyond The Classroom Experience

Beyond the Classroom

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Take advantage of opportunities to deepen your education outside of the classroom and around the world! UCR offers several programs that will enhance your undergraduate business experience and professional development.






Experiential Programs at UCR and Beyond







Business Global Programs

Build your resume and gain international experience by participating in UCR Business Global Programs! These immersive travel and study abroad programs expose students to the most important, dynamic and emerging markets in the world.

Business Global programs







Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program offers a great opportunity for undergraduate students to represent the business school to internal and external UCR constituents. The Student Ambassadors represent the face of the program, assist the school as hosts during official functions, make presentations when required and act as student liaison with the various communities that the school serves, both on and off-campus. Benefits include developing leadership skills, networking with faculty and community members, and priority registration in business classes.

Student Ambassador Program







Business & Bourns Consultancy

Each winter and spring term, business students team up with engineering seniors in the Bourns College of Engineering to serve as consultants for their senior projects. Our business students assist the engineering students in producing a comprehensive business plan document to take their senior design projects to the open market. The consultancy is a fantastic opportunity to translate what you learn in the classroom in a real-world, applied environment. For more information, contact Dr. Sean Jasso.

Contact Sean Jasso







Student Organizations

Make the most of your business experience by joining one or more of the more than 400 student organizations at UCR. Get active outside of the classroom with others who share the same interests and career aspirations. To find the current listing of all UCR student organizations, visit Student Life

Student Organizations







UCR Education Abroad Programs

UCR Education Abroad Programs are UCR’s global gateway. All UCR students are encouraged to learn abroad as part of their UC education. The cost of learning abroad may be equal to or less than studying at UCR. Business students have participated in education abroad programs across the globe, including Australia, Brazil, China, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom. Explore a variety of programs through the UCR Education Abroad Office, including faculty-led education abroad programs (FLEAP):

UCR Education Abroad Programs