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Master of Finance

Master of Finance

Build a career in the world of finance as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or as a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). This program is carefully designed to educate client-facing professionals in understanding, translating and presenting complex financial instruments to their clients.

The UCR Master of Finance curriculum provides the essential financial acumen you need to impact and lead the financial management industry. It builds financial analysis skills that can be applied to national and international careers in corporate finance, investment banking and risk management. Gain your degree in nine months of intensive study, extend to 15 months, or follow a flexible schedule that combines your studies with industry work experience. The Master of Finance program is a STEM-designated degree program.


Application Deadlines

Priority Round:
December 15

Round 2:
January 31

Round 3:
March 31

International Late Round:
June 1

Domestic Late Round:
August 1

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Randolph Kim
The program was a nice mix of both the art and quantitative side of investing. In fact, having gone over obscure off-balance-sheet financing items in the Financial Statement Analysis course, I was able to give an analysis in an onsite case study interview and caught a key component in the valuation model that the senior analyst had overlooked.
Randolph Kim, MFin ’14
Senior Investment Associate at TI Capital Management
Jerrold Penprase, MFin ’17
From the get-go, the coursework really helped me prepare to speak intelligently and feel confident in what I was saying and my understanding of the market. The program gave me the tools to understand the basic economic concepts and principles of inflation and to not only speak to clients about why their portfolio is underperforming but also to make recommendations for a high performing portfolio.
Jerrold Penprase, MFin ’17
Financial Specialist, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
Dorothy Chen, MFin
With the analytics skills learned in the MFin program, the interpersonal and cross-cultural skills gained at the school, and my personal interest in the work, I have been able to break into the User Experience (UX) industry and apply my financial analytics skills to set me apart as a UX Designer.
Dorothy Chen, MFin ’13
Senior UX Designer, Byte Dance
Zachary Enes, MFin ’19
I had the opportunity to be a founding member of the Hylander Student Investment Fund, where we managed real dollars. It was meaningful and fulfilling working as a team with people who are very driven and want to pursue the same things you do. The experience definitely paid off in my career.
Zachary Enes, MFin ’19
Risk Modeling Analyst, Citizens Business Bank
Aagam Shah
I am very grateful to have been a part of the MFin program at UCR. The program gave me an opportunity to develop my quantitative skillset with myriad resources available including Bloomberg Terminal and access to faculty members with diverse personal and professional backgrounds.
Aagam Shah, MFin ’20
Financial Analyst II, Niagara Bottling Company
Sindy Fabrizio
The MFin courses at UCR and my involvement in extracurriculars such as the Hylander Student Investment Fund helped boost my confidence as a job seeker as well as improve my financial modeling and public speaking skills. Upon graduation, I received multiple job offers that I credit to my improved skills and resume.
Sindy Fabrizio, MFin ’21
Senior Financial Analyst, Paramount Global
Zhihe (Mark) Yan
The Master of Finance program gave me a deeper understanding of the financial industry, the excel skills I needed to do financial analytics, and helped me develop a clear career plan, leading to a dream job at TCL.
Zhihe (Mark) Yan, MFin ’21
Financial Analyst, TCL
Brandon Fajardo, UCR School of Business Grad Student Associations
In my transition from an engineering career to finance, the MFin program helped bridge the gap of essential skills needed in the finance industry. Through my coursework, I learned to analyze and interpret financial data and articulate my results through presentations and reports. I gained hands-on experience using financial software systems, such as Bloomberg terminal. In addition, the Hylander Student Investment Fund provided me the opportunity to work with other students and receive mentorship from faculty on equity research on companies within the healthcare industry. All these experiences prepared me for my current role as an analyst for the School of Medicine, where I need to stay up to date on current market trends in the healthcare industry and present and articulate my financial research to various groups.
Brandon Fajardo, MFin ’22
Financial Analyst, Internal Medicine, UCR School of Medicine

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