A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

David Robinson, UCR School of Business Executive Fellow

Strengthening Ties Between the Business Community and the Business School

It wasn’t until years later that business trial lawyer David A. Robinson ’79 realized the stature of the professor who taught the transformative honors seminar he attended while at UC Riverside.
By Laurie McLaughlin |
Craig Blunden

A Family Tradition, A Community Connection

Craig Blunden grew up in a family that believed in community involvement.
By Darin Estep |
Jamie Fang

Leader In Orchid Business Helps Students Bloom

Jamie Fang ’90 was still paying for her own business administration education when she started her first endowed fund for School of Business graduate students.
By Darin Estep |
Bailey family

Building the Future for UCR's School of Business

Beverly Bailey knows a thing or two about building things.
By Sarah Nightingale |
James Merino, MBA

The Problem Solver

Education and opportunity go hand in hand for James Merino, MBA ’98, a data engineer who has worked at some of the biggest firms in Silicon Valley.
By Imran Ghori |
Pat Watters

Investment Expert Sees and Shares the Power of Education

When Patricia Watters Ph.D. ’95 thinks back to working on her doctorate in Financial Economics, she doesn’t think of brilliant insights. Instead, she remembers the hard work and perseverance while wondering if it was enough.
By Darin Estep |
Ching Liu

Solar Entrepreneur Sticks with Her Dream, Shares Success with Others

Ching Liu says her connection to the UCR School of Business was meant to be – and it all started with a phone call to the city of Riverside.
By Darin Estep |
Susan Atherton

UCR Opened Doors for Her, and Philanthropist is Proud that Work Continues

If Susan Atherton thinks about it, her connection with UC Riverside has really come full circle in the time since she enrolled as a 17-year-old, first-generation college student.
By Darin Estep |
Jim Moreno

UCR Business Alumnus Dazzles Tech World

Jim Merino has been a math whiz since he learned to count. His father and grandfather, both engineers, taught him algorithms in grade school. “They were always tossing brain teasers at me,” he recalls. And he still craves complex puzzles. Today, Merino, a math and data science expert – and graduate of Caltech (BS, 1984)...
Hylander Student Investment Fund

Hylander Student Investment Fund

The Hylander Financial Group (HFG), a club founded in 2014 by UCR finance students, has been evaluating stocks for potential purchases to create investment portfolios. Last year they participated in the annual CFA Society of Orange County competition, and regularly bring financial experts to speak and mentor its members. Inspired by HFG’s success and depth...