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Leader In Orchid Business Helps Students Bloom

By Darin Estep |

Jamie Fang ’90 was still paying for her own business administration education when she started her first endowed fund for School of Business graduate students. As she became a leader in the orchid business, her growing support has enabled more students to bloom at UCR. 

At the time of her first endowment—the Charley Chen-Hui and Hsi-Mei Fang Award Endowed Fund, named for her parents—Fang was not long out of college and still building her businesses. 

“I decided we could all afford something, even if we save $100 occasionally from going out to eat,” she says. “I wanted to give back to the school, the foundation of my education that led to my life’s work.” 

Fang modestly describes that first endowment as “not a great amount,” that nonetheless led to a personal relationship with school leadership. That has continued through the years, and Fang has met with every dean of the School of Business since 2005. 

Her most recent gift created the Jamie Chen-Kuei Fang Endowed Award fund to support undergraduate business majors in the UCR School of Business, particularly for incoming transfer students and those from a Southern California community college. 

Although semi-retired, Fang remains active in the floral industry. And she is just as passionate about helping students achieve academic success through decreasing their financial burden. 

Her focus on long-term planning is part of the reason she directs her philanthropy toward student support. 

“We have to be sure the next generation is educated,” she says. “These kids are so appreciative. That really hits home with me.”


Jamie Fang
Jamie Fang ’90, center, established endowed funds to support School of Business students. She is pictured with Judy Sue and Charley Fang.