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MSBA Curriculum

Master of Science in Business Analytics Curriculum

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program requires completion of 48 units for graduation.

Full-time or part-time program
The MSBA program can be completed in as little as three quarters of full-time study. It is also appropriate for part-time students who wish to spread out the coursework over a longer period of time; however, those students will need to work closely with their academic advisors to arrange the appropriate classes to accommodate their degree. By taking three courses per quarter, students can do a summer internship and finish the degree in one calendar year. The program allows for study in a particular career path in finance, marketing, or supply chain through elective courses in these disciplines. Our dedicated program advisors will help you design the program that best fits your timeline and career interests.


Program Requirements

  • Required Courses
    Required courses for all MSBA students

    MGT 256     Business Analytics for Management

    STAT 208    Statistical Data Mining

    STAT 232     Statistics for Business Analytics

    MGT 286A    Capstone in Business Analytics

    MGT 286B     Capstone in Business Analytics

    Additional required courses for Statistics Track (students coming from business and other STEM-related undergraduate degree programs)

    Choose any one from the following four courses (MGT 202, MGT 204, MGT 207, MGT 209):

    MGT 202    Financial Management 


    MGT 204    Cost and Management Accounting 


    MGT 207    Operations Management 


    MGT 209     Marketing Management 


    Choose between the following courses (MGT 2019 and MGT 267):

    MGT 219    Spreadsheet Modeling 


    MGT 267    Applied Business Forecasting 


    STAT 200   Foundational Methods for Business Analytics 


    STAT 206   Statistical Computing 


    Additional required courses for Business Track (students coming from a statistics undergraduate degree program)

    MGT 202    Financial Management

    MGT 204    Cost and Management Accounting

    MGT 207    Operations Management for Competitive Advantage

    MGT 209    Marketing Management

  • Concentration Courses for a Finance Analytics Career Path

    Students must complete three courses from the following options:

    MGT 227     Fixed Income


    MGT 244     Corporate Risk Management


    MGT 232    Derivatives and Asset Pricing


     MGT 252    Investments and Portfolio Management


    MGT 295F   Empirical Methods in Finance

  • Concentration Courses for a Marketing Analytics Career Path (Prerequisite: MGT 209)

    Students must complete three courses from the following options:

    MGT 251     Market Assessment  

    MGT 253     Internet Marketing


    MGT 228     Consumer Behavior


    MGT 257      Marketing Strategy

  • Concentration Courses for a Supply Chain Analytics Career Path (Prerequisite: MGT 207)

    Students must complete three courses from the following options:

    MGT 219     Spreadsheet Modeling for Decision-Making

    MGT 239    Simulation for Business

    MGT 258    Logistics and Supply Chain Management

For more detailed information on courses listed above, please visit the UCR Catalog.


Prepare for Success in Your Program

The MSBA curriculum consists of challenging coursework that necessitates foundational knowledge of statistics and statistical programming. It is strongly recommended that prospective students explore and familiarize themselves with the following resources prior to beginning the program in order to ensure successful completion. Any evidence of this training submitted to a candidate’s application will be favorably considered. Click tiles to view links:


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