A Holistic Admissions Process

At the UCR School of Business A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, we welcome a diverse group of motivated students and business professionals, ready to impact a global business environment. We use a holistic approach to evaluate a candidate based on a rigorous academic background,  professional work experience, and leadership potential. 

A candidate’s academic preparedness is traditionally evaluated through a candidate’s GPA, the quality of academic courses taken, and a candidate’s undergraduate institution in combination with a candidate’s test scores such as the GMAT/GRE. As a response to the unique global impact caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have moved to a test-optional admissions process extended to all applicants through Fall 2022. Should you want your application to be considered without the submission of a GMAT/GRE score, simply include the phrase “Consider without exam” at the top of your statement of purpose essay. When determining whether or not to take a GMAT/GRE in combination with your application, we encourage you to consult an admissions advisor. 

Professional experience is considered advantageous but is not required for admission. We encourage recent graduates, entry-level and mid-career applicants to apply. A candidate should demonstrate any work or internship experience acquired on their resume/CV and in their Statement of Purpose essay. 

Leadership potential may be evaluated through a candidate’s previous experience, motivation, and clarity of career direction. We encourage all candidates to demonstrate these qualities in their statement of purpose, resume/CV, and in their interview (if selected).  


Admissions Criteria and Guidance by Program

See how you compare to previous cohorts to understand your competitiveness for admission and scholarship funding:

  • MBA

    The MBA program is open for admission to eligible students from all undergraduate majors. For evaluation criteria, refer to details listed above under “A Holistic Admissions Process”. Work experience and/or test scores may enhance a candidate’s competitiveness. A video interview is required for all MBA applicants to be considered. An email link will be sent to each candidate approximately one week after application submission. The interview will consist of three questions in which the candidate will has up to two opportunities to answer each question.

    View our MBA class profile statistics to see how you compare with our current MBA cohort:

  • Professional MBA

    The Professional MBA program is open for admission to eligible students from all undergraduate majors. For evaluation criteria, refer to details listed above under “A Holistic Admissions Process”. Work experience and/or test scores may enhance a candidate’s competitiveness. A video interview may be sent to a candidate by invitation only.

    View our PMBA class profile statistics to see how you compare with our current PMBA cohort:

  • Master of Finance

    The Master of Finance program is best suited for students with a sufficient quantitative background and foundation of knowledge to support successful completion of the program. The most complementary undergraduate majors include business, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and physics, among others. Students with less quantitative backgrounds may also apply, but should expect to take electives or additional courses to develop their quantitative skills.

    Students may be admitted in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters on a full-time or part-time basis.

    View our MFin class profile:

  • Master of Professional Accountancy

    The MPAc program is open to eligible students with an accounting background gained from undergraduate coursework, prior work experience, or a combination of both. We accept applicants with undergraduate degrees in business, accounting, economics and other related fields.

    Prerequisites for Admission

    Applicants must have completed the following accounting courses (UCR course numbers for reference) or their equivalents at another institution:

    • Financial Accounting and Reporting (BUS 020)
    • One year of Intermediate Financial Accounting (BUS 165A/B/C)
    • One auditing course:
      • Auditing (BUS 169A)
      • Quality Assurance in Auditing (BUS 169B)
    • One taxation course:
      • Individual Taxation (BUS 168A)
      • Federal Taxation for Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, and Trusts (BUS 168B)
    • One cost or managerial accounting course:
      • Financial Evaluation and Managerial Analysis (BUS 108)

    Additionally, all applicants must have completed 5-6 business courses outside of accounting.

    Applicants without any prerequisites or some prerequisites can qualify for admission under Track 2 of the MPAc, which consists of taking two 4 units prerequisite courses with UCR as part of the MPAc program. This would mean that the Track 2 option consists of 14 courses rather than the typical 12 courses required for the degree.

    View our MPAc class profile:

  • Master of Science in Business Analytics

    The admissions committee is looking for applicants with an academic background in disciplines such as business, finance, logistics/supply chain, marketing, statistics, economics, or other STEM-related majors. Since quantitative coursework will be reviewed by the admissions committee, it is important to demonstrate competence in quantitative subjects from your academic transcripts.  While work experience and test scores are not required, data analytics related work experience and strong GMAT/GRE scores can additionally enhance a candidate’s profile. Please also share any relevant certifications or licenses acquired that may further inform the admissions committee.

    Please view our MSBA class profile:

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How to Apply

To apply to any of the AGSM Graduate Programs, you will need to complete an online application and submit the required documents specified below.  Please note that while not all official documents are necessary to start and complete your online application, a candidate must submit transcripts from all previous college/universities attended in order for their application to be eligible for review. Refer to the Graduate Division website for specific application instructions.

Application Action Items

Laptop icon on blue circle, small

1. Start the online application
Complete the biographical data required.

Checklist icon on yellow circle, small

2. Prepare your documents:
Upload your Resume/CV that clearly outlines your work experience & your Statement of Purpose essay (750 words).

Pen icon on blue circle, small

3. Request a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
List your professional or academic reference for a LOR in the application.

Printer icon on yellow circle, small

4. Prepare your transcripts
Digital/unofficial copies of transcripts may be submitted for admission consideration. Academic transcripts from each institution attended must be submitted. Official copies of all academic transcripts must be sent after accepting your admission offer and prior to registration.

Test scores icon on yellow circle, small

5. Upload your official test scores
-> GMAT or GRE scores (optional)

GMAT Institution Code: 346-VD-62
GRE Institution Code: 4839
-> TOEFL or IELTS scores
(required for international students)
TOEFL Institution Code: 4839

Application Materials Mailed To:

Graduate Program in (Program Name)
The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management
University of California, Riverside
2316 Olmsted Hall
900 University Avenue
Riverside, CA 92521 USA


Application Deadlines

Priority Round:
December 15

Round 2:
January 31

Round 3:
March 31

International Late Round:
June 1

Domestic Late Round:
August 1

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