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Financing Your Program

Our graduate programs are made up of diverse and talented students who have demonstrated promise to become future business leaders – and we won’t let financial obstacles get in the way of your success.

Generous scholarships are considered for all qualified applicants based on a holistic review of your background. In fact, 96% of our 2021-22 admitted students received scholarship funding. Your academic, personal and professional achievements can qualify you for several of the scholarships we offer.

California applicants receive an automatic tuition discount and are eligible for other scholarships. If you are applying from out-of-state or are an international student, we offer several exclusive scholarships for you as well.

Master of Science in Business Analytics Program Tuition

The field of business analytics is on the rise and has a bright outlook for high paying job opportunities. A Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree can qualify individuals for jobs as an analytics consultant, data scientist, business analyst manager, or an analyst specializing in management, market research, or operations research. Professionals with an MSBA degree may earn salaries between $90,000 to $250,000 for mid- to senior level analytics positions. 

UCR’s new MSBA degree is a 48-unit program, which can be completed in 9 months (3 quarters/1 academic year) or at a flexible pace to accommodate working schedules. Tuition is calculated by unit and payments are made on a quarterly basis.

  • Cost per unit: $1,309
  • 48 units
  • Program tuition: $62,832
*NOTE: Tuition estimates provided are set for the 2023-24 academic year and are subject to adjustment each academic year. The estimated annual tuition specified above does not include health insurance fees. Students are required to pay for health insurance. However, if the student can provide proof of existing health insurance, the students may apply for a health insurance waiver.

For a full breakdown of program costs by quarter including health insurance fees, please visit:


Types of Financial Aid

  • Graduate Student Scholarships

    UCR AGSM admissions team carefully evaluates each applicant in a holistic manner, awarding a generous level of merit-based scholarships. 96% of admitted applicants for Fall 2021-2022 received some level of scholarship funding. Admitted students will be informed of scholarship funding level upon receipt of admission letter.

    Once enrolled, students will have access to apply to over 21 scholarships offered to UCR AGSM students. Students are also invited to visit foundation.ucr.edu/scholarships to view the UCR Foundation Scholarships that are available to a wider spectrum of students (freshmen, transfers, continuing, graduate, etc.).

  • Financial Aid Options for Permanent Residents

    Loans are an option utilized by many graduate students to finance their programs. U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents can assess their loan eligibility by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Private loans may also be an option. See a list of UC preferred lenders. UC maintains a non-exhaustive list of preferred lenders. You are not required to use lenders listed; we will process loans from any eligible lender you choose. We recommend you use the Loan Discount Analyzer before choosing a private loan. It will help you evaluate the total cost of a loan program offering up-front discounts and deals.

  • Financial Aid Options for Non-permanent Residents

    International students needing loans to offset the costs of their program may consider private loan options in their home country and/or consider global loan funding through organizations like MPOWER Finance and Prodigy Finance.

  • Financial Aid Options for Veterans

    UCR’s Financial Aid counselors have military-specific knowledge and experience to clearly explain and help you apply for GI Bill Benefits plus a variety of grants and scholarships. Get more information about financial aid available to veterans by visiting veterans.ucr.edu/cost.

    Also, please visit our UCR School of Business page Military Benefits to fund your Program for further information.

  • Teaching Assistantships and Readerships

    Once you are admitted into a graduate program, qualified students will have the opportunity to take part in the Work-Study Program. Working in an assistant role at the School of Business, the funds you earn will be directed towards a tuition discount or scholarship. Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, employment awards and federal government loans are also available to graduate students.

    Qualified admitted students who meet the Work-Study Program criteria are eligible to work in the following roles:

    Teacher Assistant
    Teacher Assistants (TA) work with professors in the undergraduate program to read, grade and support the students in the coursework. Teaching Assistantships help a student cover a significant portion of their master’s program tuition and are competitive. Approximately 30 TA positions are available each year.

    Readers work with professors in the graduate business program to read and mark coursework and provide other administrative support to the professor throughout the course.

  • Student Employment Opportunities

    The School of Business has Student Assistant/Intern positions supporting the activities of the graduate offices. These competitive positions must be applied to upon admission into a program. Student Assistant positions are also available across campus. Students may search job listings both on and off campus through UCR Handshake. Learn more about Handshake at https://careers.ucr.edu/resources/ucr-handshake.

Connect with an AGSM Ambassador today!

Our Graduate Student Ambassadors constitute a distinguished group of business student leaders who are eager to serve as guides for prospective students. Connect with an ambassador from your program today to learn more.