MBA Curriculum

MBA Curriculum

The full-time MBA program provides a comprehensive framework for the strategic management of business organizations. Students have the flexibility to choose electives from a variety of functional areas to tailor their MBA experience to their professional interests, personal passions and desired career path.

Students in the MBA program are responsible for taking a total of 20 courses to make up 80 total quarter units. There are six major components of the curriculum.

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Program Requirements

  • Core Courses

    Students are required to complete nine core courses (36 quarter units).

    • Management 200 — Organizational Behavior and Theory
    • Management 201 — Statistics for Management
    • Management 202 — Financial Management
    • Management 203 — Managerial Economics
    • Management 205 — Information Systems
    • Management 207 — Operations Management for Competitive Advantage
    • Management 209 — Marketing Management
    • Management 211 — Financial Accounting
    • Management 235 — Strategic Management
  • Electives

    Students are required to complete 32 units of electives for the thesis option and 36 units for the comprehensive exam (MGT 238) option, which are offered in nine areas:

    • Accounting
    • Entrepreneurial Management
    • Finance
    • General Management
    • Human Resources Management/Organizational Behavior
    • International Management
    • Management Information Systems
    • Management Science/Operations Management
    • Marketing
  • Capstone

    All MBA Students are required to complete a capstone, which is typically undertaken in the final quarter of study. The capstone can be completed in one of two ways:

    Option one: Complete MGT 238: Management Synthesis. This four unit course provides credit for the capstone and meets the "comprehensive exam" requirement.

    Option two: Complete a thesis. Students will nominate three faculty members to supervise them as they complete a research project over two quarters. Students who pursue this option will take 32 units of electives, instead of 36, due to the additional four units required for the MGT 299 capstone course.

  • Concentrations

    Gain unique skill sets and differentiate yourself as an expert in a particular area of business by choosing one or two MBA concentrations. Each concentration requires five courses. Students may also choose from a wide range of electives within each concentration to further tailor their MBA experience to their interests. Courses can be selected with the assistance of a faculty advisor to meet individual, academic and career goals.

    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Information Systems
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Professional Workshops

    Students are required to complete MGT 402.

    • Management 402 — Business Career Professional Development Workshop
    • Management 404 — Communication, Leadership, Teams, and Ethics (optional)
  • Fieldwork in Management

    The internship is a mandatory part of the MBA program and is counted as one course (four quarter units).

    The Fieldwork in Management is a required internship component of the UCR MBA program, designed to provide meaningful work experience in a variety of industries. The internship gives students an opportunity to apply academic knowledge and skills in a professional business setting.

    Internships normally begin after completion of the core courses. Students can opt for full-time internships during the summer or part-time internships during fall and winter semesters. Employed students may be allowed to develop projects related to their current employment to fulfill the internship course.

    Learn more about the Fieldwork in Management course requirement.


MBA Program Roadmaps

We offer degree program roadmaps to outline courses required in each quarter and elective course offerings in each academic area. 

Quantitative Methods (business calculus, linear algebra, statistics) is a prerequisite to the program. Qualified students who have not taken this prerequisite course may be admitted, but must meet this requirement by completing an inexpensive online course offered by Knewton Alta (video) before classes begin, or complete MGT 403 during their first two quarters in residence.

Please download the applicable fillable roadmap (PDF) for program completion.