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Fieldwork in Management

The Fieldwork in Management is a dynamic partnership between a student, the UCR School of Business and an employer. The experience you gain from your fieldwork helps you to build your resume with MBA-level work experience and challenges you to apply knowledge gained from your MBA coursework.

Fieldwork in Management Application

This form is filled out by the student to apply for the Fieldwork in Management Program. Students who submit this form must also:

  • Provide a detailed statement of the scope of duties to be performed during your fieldwork and a copy of the job description.
  • Describe the academic knowledge and skills you have acquired in your MBA coursework that will be applied during this fieldwork.
  • Provide a description of the research paper/project to be produced and submitted to your academic supervisor and the AGSM Career Development Center.
  • Specify what type of regular interaction you will have with your academic supervisor during the fieldwork period.

Before you apply, please select MGT 298i course. 

The internship project should be comprised of meaningful responsibilities that challenge students to grow in their skill sets and produce tangible results. No more than 20% of an intern’s duties should be clerical.

  • The length of an internship is a minimum of 120 hours of work over a period of at least 5 weeks. Most internships take place over a period of 8-12 weeks.
Deadline Schedule to Submit an Internship Application:

Fall: September 23, 2022 |  Winter: January 6, 2023 | Spring: March 31, 2023


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the Internship Requirements for MGT 298-I Fieldwork in Management?

    • Fieldwork minimum of 120 hours; course consultation. May be repeated for up to 8 units of credit toward the degree.

    Q: How do I register for MGT 298-I?

    • Obtain an internship with a company/organization.

    • Attach an offer letter/resume/position description to MGT 298-I Fieldwork in Management Form.  

    • Once the Career Development Center approves and signs your application, the Graduate Advising Office will be notified to enroll you.

    Q: Can I repeat MGT 298-I multiple times?

    • MGT 298-I may be repeated for up 8 units of credit toward your degree.

    Q: How do MBA students complete the MGT 298-I requirement?

    • MBA students are advised to complete an internship in an area/industry in which they are seeking professional experience. The fieldwork requirement is intended to provide students with hands-on experiential learning in the field of their choice.

    Q: Does MGT 298-I have to be completed in the summer?

    • The MGT 298-I requirement can be completed during any quarter during your 1st or 2nd year. If an internship is completed in the summer, the course requirement will be applied to the following quarter. If not, the course requirement will be completed during the quarter you have your internship.

    Q: How soon can international student begin their internship off campus or on campus?

    • International students can begin on-campus internships as soon as their first quarter begins. Students must wait one academic year for off-campus internships unless they have completed their undergraduate studies in the US. For more details, please visit the International Students Office page.


International Student Information

International students with questions regarding internships and employment while in the US should visit the UCR International Student Resource Center.


Please apply today to become a Mentee. Deadline to apply each year is November 1st.