Master of Professional Accountancy Curriculum

The one-year, 48 quarter-unit program is designed to prepare students with the technical knowledge, judgment, evidential reasoning, ethical skills, interpersonal skills and executive presence that are the key to a quality accounting and auditing education. Students in the program will study advanced topics in both accounting and taxation, but the major focus of the program is auditing and assurance services.

Two tracks are offered: Track One is for applicants with a degree or major in accounting and can be completed in 9 months. Track Two is for applicants without an accounting background and can be completed in 15 months.

Program Requirements

  • Required Courses

    Required Courses (20 units)

    • MGT 225: Professional Accounting and Auditing Research
    • MGT 229: Accounting Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
    • MGT 240B: Advanced Taxation
    • MGT 278A: Foundations of Auditing and Assurance Services
    • MGT 278B: Information Technology Auditing and Assurance
  • Electives

    Recommended Electives (20 units)

    • MGT 204: Cost and Management Accounting
    • MGT 205: Information Systems
    • MGT 218: Ethics in Management
    • MGT 226: Fraud and Forensics Auditing
    • MGT 240A: Taxation
    • MGT 241: Accounting Systems and Control
    • MGT 245: Financial Statement Analysis
    • MGT 277: Advanced Financial Accounting
    • MGT 278C: Internal Auditing

    Other MGT electives may be taken with advisor approval.

  • Track Two Courses

    Track Two Courses

    Depending on your undergraduate courses, your advisor will recommend which Track Two courses you should take.

    • MGT 400A: Financial Accounting Principles and Practices I
    • MGT 400B: Financial Accounting Principles and Practices II
    • MGT 400C: Managerial Accounting/Accounting Information Systems
    • MGT 400D: Taxation of Individuals and Business Entities
    • MGT 400E: Auditing and Assurance