Master of Finance Curriculum

The Master of Finance program requires completion of 48 units for graduation. On average, students complete the program coursework in one academic year.

Full-time and part-time program
The Master of Finance program can be completed in as little as three quarters of full-time study, and it is also appropriate for part-time students who wish to spread out the coursework over a longer period of time. While most students start the program in the fall term, applicants with appropriate undergraduate study or professional experience can be considered for admission in the winter or spring terms.

Program Requirements

  • Required Courses

    Required Courses (20 units)

    NOTE: Required courses may be waived for students with substantial previous training or experience in finance.

    • MGT 201: Quantitative Analysis
    • MGT 202: Financial Management
    • MGT 211: Financial Accounting
    • MGT 227: Fixed Income Securities and Markets
    • MGT 231: Corporate Finance
  • Restricted Electives

    Restricted Electives

    Two of the following three courses can be chosen for a total of 8 units.

    • MGT 244: Corporate Risk Management
    • MGT 252: Investments & Portfolio Management
    • MGT 268: Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
  • Finance Capstone Seminar Courses

    The Finance Capstone Seminar Courses comprise 8 total units.

    • MGT 295F: Seminar in Empirical Methods in Finance
    • MGT 295G: Seminar in Corporate Finance
  • Recommended Electives

For more detailed information on courses listed above, visit the UCR Catalog.