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Graduate School of Management

A World of Rocks Waiting to be Turned Over

Exploration is at the forefront of Angela Marcel-Gavin’s approach to business as she transitions into her professional career.
By Elias Almarez-Herrera ’23 |

In the months leading up to graduating with a Bachelor of Science in management information systems, Angela Marcel-Gavin ’21 recalls having tunnel vision when thinking about what career opportunities lay ahead of her. She found herself in a cycle of applying for positions, facing rejection, and mustering the willingness to apply once again. 

Angela Marcel-Gavin, UCR School of Business student
Angela Marcel-Gavin ’21

“At the time, I was interested in finding a job related to information technology or information systems,” she says. “I noticed I was coming up short and decided it was important for me to branch out.” 

Donna Keller, associate of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs urged Marcel-Gavin to pursue a position in finance with the company. 

“After a three-month interview process, I began my work as an analyst with the Survivor’s Support department,” she says. “We support the employees of companies affiliated with Goldman Sachs dealing with loss. Counselors work with our clients on estate settlements, retirements, cash flow, and assets after a loved one dies.” 

Making an impact was always a priority for Marcel-Gavin when it came to seeking career opportunities. Now, she uses her skill set to help people during some of the most vulnerable stages of grief. Equipping others with financial knowledge and providing service are just part of the job description. 

“If you asked me last year if I'd take a position in finance, I would have hands down said, ‘No,’ because I got a B in Introduction to Financial Management,” she says. “Now, I'm more open-minded about my career. For me, it took graduating from university and stepping into the real world to realize how much more I am willing to learn.”