David Robinson, UCR School of Business Executive Fellow

Strengthening Ties Between the Business Community and the Business School

It wasn’t until years later that business trial lawyer David A. Robinson ’79 realized the stature of the professor who taught the transformative honors seminar he attended while at UC Riverside. “At the time, I just knew him as the really cool guy who rode a motorcycle. His name was John C. Gabbert,” says Robinson...
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Diana Almendarez Colgrove ’10, MBA ’12

Business Education + Internship = Successful Career Launch

In 2012, the labor market was grim, says Diana Almendarez Colgrove ’10, MBA ’12. Toward the end of her last year of graduate school, she attended a campus career fair and stopped by the Esri technology company’s booth and asked the recruiters to share her résumé with their marketing department, even though she knew they...
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Craig Blunden

A Family Tradition, A Community Connection

Craig Blunden grew up in a family that believed in community involvement. His mother helped launch nonprofits in Riverside and, in 1956, his father started a savings and loan that would grow into Provident Bank. Fourteen years later, the UCR School of Business established the graduate program that would become the A. Gary Anderson Graduate...
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Jamie Fang

Leader In Orchid Business Helps Students Bloom

Jamie Fang ’90 was still paying for her own business administration education when she started her first endowed fund for School of Business graduate students. As she became a leader in the orchid business, her growing support has enabled more students to bloom at UCR. At the time of her first endowment—the Charley Chen-Hui and...
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Anthony Griffin '02, '06

‘If You Have an Idea, Just Try It’

When Anthony Griffin decided to make the move to Japan, he took a few things along with him: a lifelong fascination with the country, one year of studying the language, and the textbook from his business communications course at UC Riverside, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2002 and an MBA...
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Don H. Tran '01

‘A Revolving Cycle of Giving Back’

Analyzing technology and life science companies while gaining an understanding of the technology ecosystem are responsibilities that Don H. Tran ’01 greatly enjoys, and it is part of his job as senior credit review lead at Silicon Valley Bank. “It is fascinating to see innovation occur and to be involved with a bank that has...
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Major Maurice Kenner

MBA Grad Applies Business Acumen in Brand-New Field for U.S. Army

When the U.S. Army launched a career field in enterprise marketing and behavioral economics, it was designed to attract top-performing officers. Competition was high: Almost 500 applied for the first cohort, which had only 30 openings. In announcing the opportunity, the Army said soldiers applying needed to “exhibit a history of excellence” and have “either...
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Alumnus Benjamin Gonzalez, military

Knowledge is Empowerment

Among the life lessons Benjamin Gonzalez says he’s learned is, “Personal and professional growth begin by not knowing something.” With a bachelor’s degree in biology from Iowa State University, Gonzalez entered the U.S. Army and served in Iraq, Germany, and Afghanistan. He worked his way up in a variety of medical, transportation, and operations roles...
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Think global, act local

Building an International Marketing Career

Having succeeded within a far-reaching global career, Will Chu ’98 currently leads the marketing efforts for the “Star Wars” brand in countries including Russia, Korea, Japan, and Brazil. He recently shared the details of his odyssey with students and members of the business school community.
James Merino, MBA

The Problem Solver

Education and opportunity go hand in hand for James Merino, MBA ’98, a data engineer who has worked at some of the biggest firms in Silicon Valley. That’s why he created the Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship for Master of Business Administration students at UC Riverside’s School of Business in 2016. The scholarship is...
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