Kenneth Leung, MBA ’89

Taste What Life has to Offer

Although he is a leader of business-to-business marketing of high-tech products, Kenneth Leung, MBA ’89, likes to remain grounded in the human side of life. That includes exploring different types of food. “I think what we eat is probably the easiest way to learn about cultures,” said Leung, Oracle’s director of Marketing, Database and Infrastructure...
Anthony Bonales ’18

Giving Back is Par for the Course for UCR "40 Under 40" Alumnus

Whether he is mentoring younger business professionals or participating in a nonprofit program that uses golf to empower kids and teens, Anthony Bonales ’18 said his advice is the same: “You really get out what you put into relationships.” Bonales speaks from experience. He is part of the inaugural class of UC Riverside’s “40 Under...
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Diana Cullen ’19

"Invest in Your Network"

As senior manager of retail operations at Fabletics, Diana Cullen ’19 is responsible for the internal processes of retail locations globally for the popular active-lifestyle e-commerce brand, which has scaled up from 30 to almost 100 stores in the last three years. “It’s been a wild, empowering ride,” says Cullen, who finds satisfaction in the...
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Randolph Kim ’11, ’14 alumnus

The Art of Investing and Dealmaking

A UCR undergraduate business course on the stock market and valuations pointed Randolph Kim ’11, ’14 to his career. “That particular course led me to where I am today,” says Kim, who is the senior investment associate at TI Capital Management, a single-family office focused on private equity investments. “I find fascination in the art...
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Thomas Walker '08, Netflix

Lifelong Film Buff Shares His Journey to Netflix

Thomas Walker ’08 recalls convincing his mom to take him to Blockbuster to buy a copy of “Titanic” at midnight, the moment it was released on VHS. When he studied business at UCR, he was a regular at the Multimedia Library, where he watched old movies, including every winner of the Academy Award for best...
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Hal McKinkley headshot

‘What It Looks Like to Dream and Fly’

When he started his graduate studies at UC Riverside’s School of Business, Hal McKinley ’19 (MBA) took most of his electives in finance. “At the time, I was planning a career in finance, but throughout my experience at UCR, I saw more doors open for me in human resources,” he says. Indeed, a door swung...
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Brandy Taylor ’13, ’20 (MBA)

Journey to Wetzel’s Pretzels

When Brandy Taylor ’13, ’20 (MBA) headed back to college to earn a master’s degree, she was ready for a career change. “I was presented with the opportunity to return to school to pursue my MBA, and that opportunity was the determining factor in my decision to switch careers and find my passion,” says Taylor...
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Tim Siegel, Executive Fellow 2021-2022

Working Hard in Pursuit of an Idea

Tim Siegel ’91, managing partner of LS Capital, was recently appointed to the UCR School of Business Executive Fellows Program, an elite group of business leaders representing diverse fields. As an executive fellow, he works closely with students to help shape their careers. In 1998, Tim Siegel ’91 co-founded LS Capital, a fully integrated private...
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Angela Marcel-Gavin, UCR School of Business student

A World of Rocks Waiting to be Turned Over

In the months leading up to graduating with a Bachelor of Science in management information systems, Angela Marcel-Gavin ’21 recalls having tunnel vision when thinking about what career opportunities lay ahead of her. She found herself in a cycle of applying for positions, facing rejection, and mustering the willingness to apply once again. “At the...
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Vonda Simon, Executive Fellow 2021-2022

The Willingness to Never Give Up

Vonda Simon ’82, founder and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories, is a 2021-22 Executive Fellow, and advises students to simultaneously take risks and never give up. Vonda Simon ’82 worked hard at her career. That effort helped her ascend quickly, and she was the top salesperson at TricorBraun, one of the world’s largest...
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