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David Robinson, UCR School of Business Executive Fellow

Strengthening Ties Between the Business Community and the Business School

It wasn’t until years later that business trial lawyer David A. Robinson ’79 realized the stature of the professor who taught the transformative honors seminar he attended while at UC Riverside. “At the time, I just knew him as the really cool guy who rode a motorcycle. His name was John C. Gabbert,” says Robinson...
By Laurie McLaughlin |
Vonda Simon, Executive Fellow 2021-2022

The Willingness to Never Give Up

Vonda Simon ’82, founder and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories, is a 2021-22 Executive Fellow, and advises students to simultaneously take risks and never give up. Vonda Simon ’82 worked hard at her career. That effort helped her ascend quickly, and she was the top salesperson at TricorBraun, one of the world’s largest...
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Dr. Ye Li with graduate students, UCR School of Business

Decisions, Decisions: Professor Helps Students Understand Why We Do What We Do

Professor Ye Li knows why you are checking Twitter instead of working on that project that’s due next week. You might chalk it up to simple procrastination. But Li sees such things through the lens of his research of “intertemporal choices” – and the tradeoffs between immediate and later consequences. As an assistant professor of...
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Elon Musk, TESLA

How Elon Musk can Save Big on Taxes by Giving Away a Ton of his Tesla Stock

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is liquidating lots of Tesla shares. His transactions, which began in November 2021, could total US$20 billion or more. He has not said whether he plans to donate to charity the proceeds from selling those shares. But this move, which followed signs that the world’s richest person could be weighing whether...
By Eric Allen, UCR School of Business | For "The Conversation" |
Construction worker

Inland Empire Economy Nears Full Recovery from Pandemic Downturn

Although business activity in the Inland Empire continues to outpace the nation in its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of recovery has slowed as the regional economy draws closer to pre-pandemic levels of activity. According to the new Inland Empire Business Activity Index released today by the UCR School of Business Center for...
Diana Almendarez Colgrove ’10, MBA ’12

Business Education + Internship = Successful Career Launch

In 2012, the labor market was grim, says Diana Almendarez Colgrove ’10, MBA ’12. Toward the end of her last year of graduate school, she attended a campus career fair and stopped by the Esri technology company’s booth and asked the recruiters to share her résumé with their marketing department, even though she knew they...
By Laurie McLaughlin |
Sean Sasso with Global Immersion group in Oxford

The Life-changing Experience of Global Immersion

Over the course of 10 years, Sean Jasso, Ph.D., has led UCR students on 25 global immersion trips: 11 trips to Oxford, England. Twice to India, once to Turkey. Seven trips to China and four to Vietnam. All of them have one thing in common. “A global mindset changes you,” said Jasso, professor of practice...
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Mamma Mia! Sweden Gains the Most Musicians During the Pandemic

Call it the ABBA effect: More musicians migrated to Stockholm, Sweden during the pandemic than to any other location according to a new analysis released today by the UCR School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development. The analysis examined a very specific labor market – musicians on Soundcloud, a major online music sharing...
By Victoria Pike-Bond |
IE Economic Forecast Conference 2021

Inland Empire Economic Forecast Conference Finds Near Term Outlook Strong but Long Run Risks Loom Large

From a demand standpoint, the U.S. economy has completely recovered from the pandemic recession. And output, although not there yet, will return to its long run trend in the near-term future. That according to a new forecast released yesterday at the 12th annual Inland Empire Economic Forecast Conference, hosted by the UC Riverside School of...
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UCR School of Business Executive Fellows Panelists

Integrity, Perseverance and Giving Back: Executive Fellows Discuss Keys to Success

A few years after she founded Stronghold Engineering, Inc., Beverly Bailey was at a job site when an engineer made a remark she has not forgotten for 25 years. “He told me that he believed that women belonged in kitchens,” said Bailey, president and CEO of a company that has grown into one of the...
Downtown Los Angeles

Downtowns are Still the Biggest Job Centers in Most Regions

The demise of dense downtown areas in the United States has been predicted throughout, and long before, the COVID-19 pandemic. But according to a new analysis released today by the UCR School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, downtowns are far from dying and today continue to be the largest job centers in...
By Victoria Pike Bond |
London /

London is Waiting

The pandemic has upended travel plans worldwide, but London is waiting. A group led by Assistant Professor of Teaching in Management Kyle E. Ingram will travel to London in Summer 2022 to focus on business leadership and understanding human behavior within organizations. Ingram knows England’s capital well; he completed his Ph.D. at the London School...
By Darin Estep |
Beta Gamma Sigma

High Honor for School of Business Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter

Based on grade point averages, undergraduates in the top 10th percentile and graduate students in the top 20th percentile comprise the Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) honor society at UC Riverside. Business students challenge themselves to obtain the qualifying grades needed for Beta Gamma Sigma honor status, which guarantees a lifetime membership. Because of adherence to...
By Elias Almarez-Herrera |
Modern housing units

Inland Empire Business Activity Growth Outpaces U.S. GDP in Latest Numbers

Business activity in the Inland Empire has continued to recover from the pandemic along a steady upward trajectory, outperforming growth in U.S. GDP in the latest numbers. According to the new Inland Empire Business Activity Index released today by the UCR School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, in the second quarter of...
By Victoria Pike Bond |
Craig Blunden

A Family Tradition, A Community Connection

Craig Blunden grew up in a family that believed in community involvement. His mother helped launch nonprofits in Riverside and, in 1956, his father started a savings and loan that would grow into Provident Bank. Fourteen years later, the UCR School of Business established the graduate program that would become the A. Gary Anderson Graduate...
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Construction workers on UCR campus

Headwinds Ease for CA Job Growth as COVID Cases Decline

According to the September 2021 Beacon Employment Report | CA, California’s labor market continued to expand at a rapid pace in August, with total nonfarm employment in the state growing by 104,300 positions. During August, California accounted for 44% of all jobs added nationally during the month. 104,300 Jobs Added In August California’s labor market...
UCR bell tower at night

It's a Three-peat: UCR Again Tops Social Mobility Ranking

For the third consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report has named UC Riverside the top university in the nation for social mobility. The social mobility category considers the degree to which a university elevates its low-income graduates to a higher standard of living. As rankings leaders such as U.S. News have adjusted their formulas...
By John Warren |
Taylor Moorer

Leadership Program Draws Students From Across the Nation

More than 50 college students from U.S. colleges and universities attended the May 2021 University of California Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders (SIEML), an initiative to increase diversity in graduate business programs within the six University of California business schools. The 11-day, all-expenses-paid virtual event hosted by UC Riverside’s A. Gary Anderson Graduate...
David Gutierrez

Alumnus Helps First-generation Students Turn Ambition into Opportunity

Recalling one of his first career fairs as an undergraduate, David Gutierrez ’04 describes being pulled aside by a college adviser with a bit of crucial advice: Clip the brand label off your jacket sleeve. It was an oversight that Gutierrez attributes to the lack of experience that is common to many first-generation college students...
By Darin Estep |
Margaret Campbell, Anderson Presidential Chair in Business Administration

Curiosity Is Key to Understanding Consumers, Says Incoming Anderson Presidential Chair in Business Administration

Margaret Campbell, Ph.D., has explored and explained consumer behavior around the globe—in France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Canada and many points in between—and across the United States. So, when she arrived at UCR this summer as a professor of marketing and Anderson Presidential Chair in Business Administration, it was a homecoming of sorts...
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