A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management



Our graduate programs are made up of diverse and talented students who have demonstrated promise to become future business leaders – and we won’t let financial obstacles get in the way of your success.

Generous scholarships are considered for all qualified applicants based on a holistic review of your background. Your academic, personal and professional achievements can qualify you for several of the scholarships we offer.

California applicants receive an automatic tuition discount and are eligible for other scholarships. If you are applying from out-of-state or are an international student, we offer several exclusive scholarships for you as well.

  • Funds and Scholarship Awards

    All AGSM students are eligible to apply for funds and scholarship awards once during their academic tenure. For all awards, demonstrated exceptional academic promise and merit will be considered by the Business Faculty Scholarship Committee.

    See all Graduate Program Scholarships

  • Scholarships for Graduate Business Applicants

    You are considered for some scholarships automatically upon application to one of the graduate programs.

    Exceptional academic performance (minimum GMAT score required for consideration):

    • Dean’s Honors Scholarship

    Candidates who have excelled in a certain area of academia that is in line with the degree they wish to pursue at UCR School of Business.

    • Academic Excellence Scholarship

    Candidates with demonstrated entrepreneurial vision, taking into consideration a project or business already launched or a future business.

    • Entrepreneurs Scholarship

    Candidates with demonstrated experience or vision as an international business leader, with evidence of how you have or will contribute to innovation in a global business setting.

    • Global Leaders Scholarship
  • Program-Specific Scholarships

    You are considered for some scholarships automatically when you apply to one of the graduate programs.

    • Innovation in Business Scholarship - MBA & Professional MBA
    • Leadership in Accounting Scholarship - Master of Professional Accountancy
    • Leadership in Finance Scholarship - Master of Finance
  • Work-Study Program

    Once you are admitted into a graduate program, qualified students will have the opportunity to take part in the Work-Study Program. Working in an assistant role at the School of Business, the funds you earn will be directed towards a tuition discount or scholarship. Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, employment awards and federal government loans are also available to graduate students.

    Qualified admitted students who meet the Work-Study Program criteria are eligible to work in the following roles:

    Teacher Assistant

    Teacher Assistants work with professors in the undergraduate program to read, grade and support the students in the coursework.


    Readers work with professors in the graduate business program to read and mark coursework and provide other administrative support to the professor throughout the course.

    Student Worker

    There are also Student Worker positions open in the School of Business to work as an intern, supporting the activities of the graduate offices. These competitive positions must be applied to upon admission into a program. 

  • Other Scholarship Opportunities

    Visit scholarships.ucr.edu to view the UCR Foundation Scholarships that are available to a wider spectrum of students (freshmen, transfers, continuing, graduate, etc.).