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Scholarship funds provide undergraduate and graduate students with the financial support that allows them to continue their education and achieve their degrees. These scholarships are based on financial need as well as academic merit.



Student Scholarships

UCR School of Business - Creating diverse opportunities

Twenty-seven business scholarship funds have been established by donors to champion student success, and over $132,000 was distributed in awards in fall 2018. As a result of the enormous growth in support received from our donors, alumni and greater community, the total amount of scholarship funds distributed in 2018 more than tripled from the previous year.

Named Scholarships

The School of Business offers selective scholarships to high-performing and outstanding candidates. These scholarships promote the school’s values of diversity, inclusion and innovation, which contribute to an excellent business program and high quality learning experiences. A scholarship can be established in the name of  an individual, a company or organization. UCR School of Business will match the amount of tuition scholarship committed by the donor. Further areas of collaboration can be discussed, such as internships, training or coaching, master classes and other opportunities.


Student Support Funds

career development fund

While scholarships help students offset the cost of their education, student support funds provide business students with enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities that enhance their resume. With your support, students can attend nationwide professional development conferences, get internships, take part in career-building activities and much more.


Career Development Support

The Career Development Center (CDC) at the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management is a comprehensive career-focused resource center for all graduate business students at UC Riverside. Scholarship funds will allow students to succeed in their internships, job searches, and ultimately as business leaders throughout the world.


    Each year our graduate students have the opportunity to attend various career conferences across the country. Some of the larger conferences are the National Black MBA Conference with an average of 7,000 attendees and the Prospanica Conference with an average of 3,000 attendees. These conferences play a huge role in securing student interviews and jobs with major companies. Many of these companies conduct interviews and extend job offers on the spot. While UCR has had a presence at these conferences in the past, a larger is presence restricted by the financial burden it puts on our students

    FUNDS NEEDED $20,500/$500,000
    ($600 Per Student)

    Funds would be used to pay for the travel, hotel, and conference fees for our graduate students. If reserve funds are available UCR School of Business would also purchase a booth for interview preparation and coaching.


    It is a requirement for our graduate students to complete an internship in order to graduate. While there are a number of internship opportunities not all internships are paid. An internship fund would help to provide a stipend to those students who have an unpaid internship and apply for funding.

    FUNDS NEEDED $40,000 - $60,000

    Our students are often offered the opportunity to travel to companies for tours but do not have the financial means to cover the cost of travel, lodging, and food. Other needs include sponsoring students to attend Case Competitions, operational funding that supports the production expenses associated with graduate student business cards and professional nametags.




Naming Opportunities and Sponsorship

Please direct your inquiries to:  

Dr. Adrian Paul Stevens
Senior Director of Development
(951) 827-3644 or adrian.stevens@ucr.edu