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Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

The School of Business aims to position itself as a center of excellence in business education via conducting cutting-edge research on the business challenges of the 21st century.

Located in a vital economic hub in one of the nation’s fastest growing regions, the school’s centers contribute meaningful research that can be applied directly to economic development and expansion.

The Centers of Excellence provide knowledge, insights and expertise that inform public policy decision making, help industries anticipate and plan for change, and promote innovation.

Center for Economic Forecasting and Development

Forecast Center

The Center for Economic Forecasting and Development is the first world-class university forecasting center in the Inland Empire, serving one of the most dynamic regions in the United States. Together, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties make up an economic area that is twice the size of Silicon Valley and larger than Seattle, San Diego and Orange County.

The Center for Economic Forecasting and Development brings the full resources of the University to bear in creating modern, first-rate economic forecasts and economic development products that expand understanding and amplify interest in this vital region.

Producing economic forecasts, public policy analysis, and economic impact studies, the center draws from the business expertise, public policy experience and deep academic training of its seasoned economists to conduct path-breaking research on widespread economies.

The center not only delivers products and services that provide genuine insight into the economy, it also serves as an energetic community partner and resource to business and government leaders, as well as the people of the Inland Empire. It is a fertile meeting ground for new product development, original research, and collaboration between industry, government and the broader community.

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Institute for Supply Chain Analytics and Logistics Studies

supply chain

The School of Business is poised to build excellence in supply chain and logistics management by launching the Institute of Supply Chain Analytics and Logistics Studies (ISCALS). The mission of ISCALS is to become an innovative hybrid center of industry-community, dedicated to scientific advancement and empirical innovation in supply chain analytics and logistics for manufacturing, economic development and international trade.

Nearly half of America’s imported goods come through Southern California, and at the center of that intricate web are many distribution centers located in the Inland Empire.

The center will act as the nexus between the university, industry, and community, and form a network with industry stakeholders to develop partnerships and interdependent research.

The Institute will also capitalize on technology innovation, facilitate leading-edge, collective, and interdisciplinary research that will directly impact and inform the local economy and develop local, national and international connections between the Institute of Supply Chain Analytics and Logistics Studies and field researchers in the public and private sectors.






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