A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

‘A Great First Step Toward My Personal Goal’

With an internship and volunteer positions, Riya Yadav ’24 MBA is closer to her goal to help fintech companies
By Laurie McLaughlin |

Over summer 2023, Riya Yadav ’24 MBA interned with Northwestern Mutual as a financial planner in their San Diego office.

“UCR alumni connected me to the hiring team. I worked cross-functionally with different teams and to find a solution that works for each client,” Yadav says. “It was also incredible to learn about the financial services industry within the United States and definitely a great first step toward my personal goal to help fintech companies expand.”

Before enrolling at UCR’s A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM), Yadav worked at Quantum Data Engines, a company specializing in fraud management and anti- money laundering software for financial institutions. She also previously worked with the National Science Foundation as a consultant on a solar panel battery project. “That was also a fantastic learning experience for me,” says Yadav, and the position aligned with her values. “The United States, in particular California, places a strong emphasis on sustainable measures and numerous methods for making business more sustainable, as well as having firms that are focused on sustainability.”

AGSM Ambassadors
Graduate Student Ambassador Co-Chiefs Riya Yadav and Shane Marquez

She knew an MBA was the next step in her career: “I was aware of what an MBA would add to my professional profile and experience, and being here at UCR has given me a deeper understanding of that.

“The curriculum is particularly industry-oriented and provides real-world experience; for example, the projects and the presentations we make are done in the same manner as I would present as a working consultant. Case studies are an excellent approach to grasp a topic, comprehend people, and see things from a broader perspective,” she says.

“Our projects provide a realistic insight into how IT business works, and the assignments are weekly, which aids in meeting deadlines. I also appreciate that the technical laboratory activities are provided for nontechnical individuals, which helps with comprehending the subject.”

As a grad student, Yadav also serves as a co-chief of the AGSM Student Ambassador program, a group of select students who support prospective and new students and participate in special events with industry professionals to enhance each ambassadors’ network. Off-campus, she works with MBAchic providing social media coverage about her MBA experience. In both roles, she says, “I share information and answer questions for students interested in pursuing an MBA.” This year, Yadav was appointed a global ambassador for Women in Technology International, where she’s been a member for four years, and she networks with women and students interested in a career in technology.

In Mumbai, Yadav earned a bachelor’s degree in management studies with a concentration in finance and marketing from Jai Hind College. She also previously participated in the Study Abroad Program in Business Strategy with Carleton University in Canada. In 2022, she represented India at the United Nations Young Leaders program in Switzerland.

She continues to forge new opportunities to expand her professional experience: “I also go to the walk-ins at the AGSM Career Development Center every two weeks, and the staff always helps me with a new area of my profile,” says Yadav. “That is useful for internships and job searches and for understanding the resources available.”

After earning her MBA with a concentration in data analytics and management with a focus on strategy, Yadav plans to work in financial technology in a client-facing role, she says: “Combining my analytical skills with my global and diverse experience, I want to formulate data-driven strategies.”


This is the second installment of a three-part series exploring the many ways Riya Yadav ’24 MBA exemplifies the deep involvement of our AGSM master’s students in the many professional enrichment opportunities on and off campus.


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