Business alumnus Kyle Maudlin ’11

Alumnus Advises AGSM Student Ambassadors to Persist

Kyle Maudlin ’11 has several positive things to say about LinkedIn. It’s a rich source of networking. It offers a variety of training opportunities. And it’s a great place to showcase professional skills to potential recruiters. But it’s also easy to fall into the “comparison trap,” he said, where you wonder how some of your...
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UCR Business Commencement 2022

Thousands of UC Riverside Students Participate in Graduation Ceremonies

THE PRESS ENTERPRISE -- UC Riverside students are receiving degrees in ceremonies that conclude this weekend, including UCR School of Business candidates who walked Friday night, June 10, at Pierce Lawn on campus. A total of 12 commencement ceremonies were planned between June 3, and Monday, June 13, some outside and some indoors. Sandra Baltazar...
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Undergraduate Peer Advising

Peer Advising for Business Undergraduates

Business students look toward peer advisors for academic guidance
By Elias Almarez-Herrera ’23 |
UCR Business at UC Davies competition

UCR Student Teams Take Home Victories in Business Competitions

Recently, the UCR School of Business fielded successful teams in case competitions displaying both business acumen and competitive determination: At the inaugural UC Davis Graduate School of Management Case Study Competition on April 1 and 2, one of the two UCR teams competing placed third among 11 teams representing several business schools in California, Washington...
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UCR MBA alum Val is using his knowledge of business innovation to lead two tech startups ©Val Salomaki

Why Is Learning Business Innovation So Important?

This story was originally published on BusinessBecause. Business innovation is at the heart of the success of tech giants like Apple and Amazon. Meanwhile, companies that have failed to innovate in the face of rapid digitalization, like Blockbuster and Kodak, have failed. So what is business innovation? Business innovation is an organization’s process for introducing...
3 AGSM students walking around Anderson Hall

UCR's MBAs Are Landing Top Jobs—Here’s How

This story was originally published on BusinessBecause. The business world has long had a social mobility problem. US workers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are 32% less likely to become managers than those from more privileged backgrounds. So how can students from low-income backgrounds stand out and accelerate their careers? The University of California, Riverside (UCR)...
2021 Dean's Report

Dean's Report 2020/2021

2020/2021 Dean's Report The Dean's Report highlights the major achievements at the UCR School of Business and provides an overview of the school's growth, academic programs and strategic initiatives. ► View the Dean's Report full screen
William Wang, student portrait, UCR Magazine

Here's the Buzz on: William Wang

An app for that While serving as treasurer of his fraternity, Wang grew frustrated with the cumbersome way membership dues were collected. So he created a mobile app called DashBill to simplify the process for clubs and nonprofits — and his fraternity will begin using the service this fall. Wang has been working with UCR’s...
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UCR Grads smart home campaign

UCR Grads Making the Smart Home a New Standard

Imagine waking up, but instead of awakening to an obnoxious alarm clock, your house wakes you up. A voice-controlled audio system is speaking to you and her voice emerges from inconspicuous speakers in your walls. You tell her, “Good morning,” head to the kitchen, and a cup of coffee is already ready for you. As...
tech start up Ethan and Valtteri

An MBA & Music Ph.D Team Up to Create Innovative Tech

In November 2019, Ethan Castro and Valtteri Salomaki, students at UCR, co-founded EDGE Sound Research. In only two months, they are finalizing the prototype of their first product, “ResonX”, with a team of engineers from UCR. Before the summer they hope to pilot their product with their first B2B customer and be accepted into an...