A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

Yaqi Wang, MBA ’16


Riverside, Ca –

Yaqi Wang, MBA ’16 Recruited by Disney 


Yaqi Wang ’16 was recruited by the Disney Corporation prior to her June graduation. Due to UCR School of Business’s close proximity to the Walt Disney Corporation, and strong corporate partnership, Yaqi had the opportunity as an MBA student to intern with the company in Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA. These competitive internships led to a permanent job offer at Disney Resorts, Shanghai.

Prior to graduation, Yaqi accepted a position with the Disney Corp. Never one to back down from a challenge, Yaqi chose as her home base the newly established Disney Resort in Shanghai, China. The resort opened one day before her June graduation.

“With great passion and aspiration, I joined the first Disney theme park in Mainland China as a Consumer Insight Technology Analyst,” Yaqi said. “At Shanghai Disney, things are happening very fast. Every day is new to the park in many ways. We are learning quickly as all departments wish to create and push the limits.”