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A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

UCR School of Business Alumni Resources

Alumni Resources

Alumni Resources

UCR School of Business CDC
Career Development Center

As UCR School of Business alumni, you have lifetime support from the Career Development Center team as you pursue opportunities for professional development, advance your career or make career changes. 

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Alumni Scholarships and Benefits

As alumni, we offer students tuition discounts and alumni scholarships to offset the costs of completing a Master's degree at the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management.

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UCR Alumni Career Services

We welcome your continued participation in UCR activities and services, whether it's through attending workshops and job fairs (no fees), becoming a mentor or using our career counseling services as you continue your professional journey.

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UCR Alumni Services

Become a member of the UCR Alumni Association and stay connected to UCR and a community of over 100,000 Highlander alumni. Members gain access to career and networking opportunities, discounts on and off-campus, and much more!

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