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Student-managed Investment Fund Provides Frontline Finance Experience

The Hylander Financial Group (HFG) is a UCR club open to students of all disciplines and levels of financial expertise. “I have learned so much about valuation and asset management since I’ve joined HFG,” says finance student George Maalouf ’24, the club’s vice president.
HSIF student group with Prof. Jean Helwege

How the MFin Program Delivers ROI for Students

Jerrold Penprase ’17 Master of Finance (MFIn) earned multiple degrees in psychology and sociology before he ever considered studying finance.
By Laurie McLaughlin |
Bryan Reyes ’23

Making Investments

Undergraduate finance student Bryan Reyes ’23 has started his senior year, and he’s actively immersed himself in academic opportunities that will prepare him for a career in wealth management.
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Sindy Fabrizio

Smart Investing

The March 2020 stock market sell-off was a challenging event for the Hylander Student Investment Fund (HSIF), says Sindy Fabrizio, a first-year Master of Finance student and student investor with the fund.
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