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Graduate School of Management

Prof. Emerita Kathleen Montgomery

Addressing Global Challenges Throughout a Career

In recent years, UCR School of Business Professor of Organizations and Management Emerita Kathleen Montgomery has been immersed in humanitarian work with the United Nations. “At the UN, I have met many amazing delegates who share my values and commitment to human rights,” says Montgomery, who retired from UCR in 2010 and has continued to...
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UCR School of Business Faculty Awards 2022

‘I Would Take His Class Again in a Heartbeat’

“Experiential learning” is a term bandied about in academia, but how does it work in practice? Associate Professor of Management Ye Li at UCR’s School of Business lays out exactly what it looks like within his graduate courses. “Experiential learning includes online surveys, in-class polls, simulated decisions, games, and group projects,” says Li. “My lectures...
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The Relevant Coursework

A student in a course taught by Management Lecturer Alexandru Roman wrote a review of the class: “Professor Roman encourages us to start thinking like CEOs. His class requires discussion and the ability to speak publicly, which really helps us.” This student and many others voted for Alexandru Roman to receive the 2021-2022 Golden Apple...
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John Acker

Argue Like Grownups

UCR Business School Lecturer John Acker encourages his students “to argue like grownups,” he says. “To see their classes as an opportunity to mature, not just as a place to learn. “In the Business Writing course, my team and I focus on identifying, creating, and communicating professional value through writing, whether it’s a complex business...
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UCR School of Business Faculty Awards 2022

UCR Business Faculty Honored for Their Outstanding Work in the Classroom

UCR School of Business faculty recently received recognition with student-voted accolades for their effectiveness and expertise in the classroom: Assistant Professor of Teaching in Information Systems Rich Yueh was honored with the 2021-2022 James Merino Innovation Award, which was created and endowed by alumnus James Merino ’98 to recognize faculty bringing new ideas, methods, tools...
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teaching awards

Golden Apple Teaching Award

2018-2019 Golden Apple Teaching Awards The Golden Apple Awards is an annual student-voted teaching award recognizing outstanding faculty. This year's teaching awards go to Dr. Raj Singh for Preparation for Business Administration major and Upperdivision major requirements, Dr. Kyle E. Ingram for Elective Courses, Dr. Elodie Goodman for Graduate Core Courses, and Dr. Boris Maciejovsky...