Golden Apple Teaching Award

Riverside, Ca –

2018-2019 Golden Apple Teaching Awards


The Golden Apple Awards is an annual student-voted teaching award recognizing outstanding faculty.

This year's teaching awards go to Dr. Raj Singh for Preparation for Business Administration major and Upperdivision major requirements, Dr. Kyle E. Ingram for Elective Courses, Dr. Elodie Goodman for Graduate Core Courses, and Dr. Boris Maciejovsky for Graduate Elective Courses.

In judging the effectiveness of teaching, students were asked to consider a professor's ability to teach their material with force and logic, while simultaneously making it understandable for students. Students also weighed the professor's attitude, mentorship ability and their inspirational qualities.


Golden Apple Award Raj Singh

Raj Singh won in the category for Preparation for Business Administration major (BUS 10 and 20) and Upperdivision major requirements. Dr. Singh has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level for over 25 years and has been a faculty member in the School of Business at the University of California, Riverside for over fifteen years. In addition, Dr. Singh has taught Ph.D. level courses in strategy, statistical research, operations management, organizational behavior and human resource management for other major universities in United States.



UCR School of Business Golden Apple Award - Kyle Ingram

 Kyle Ingram is the winner for Elective Courses. He teaches Organizational Behavior, Leadership Development, Communication, Leadership, Teams and Ethics courses.





Golden Apple Award Elodie Goodman

Elodie Goodman won in the Core Courses category of the graduate program. She taught Quantitative Analysis. Her research interests are health care management and payment systems, public policy, supply chain management, competition and coordination, pricing and inventory management.




Golden Apple Award Boris Maciejovsky

 Boris Maciejovsky won the Elective Courses category of the graduate program. He taught MGT 212 Application of Behavioral Economics to Management, Decision-Making, and Policy.  Boris Maciejovsky’s research interests are in the area of decision-making in economic, social, and organizational contexts. He is particularly interested in developing novel laboratory paradigms that help to isolate important aspects of real-world phenomena in order to study how such features influence decisions, processes, and outcomes.