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New UCR Business Analytics Major Responds to Marketplace

The job demand is high in a fast-growing field
By David Danelski | Inside UCR |

Responding to industry demands, the UCR School of Business will soon offer an undergraduate degree in business analytics.

Those who complete the major will bring to the marketplace their ability to use quantitative methods to extract value from ever-increasing volumes of data to improve business decision-making processes.

UC Riverside Anderson Dean Yunzeng Wang
UCR School of Business Dean Yunzeng Wang

As analysts, the program’s graduates will be equipped with the skills to describe and understand the past or current situation of a business, predict future outcomes, and recommend solutions to improve growth and performance.

The demand for business analysts is high, and the field is growing fast. Business analytics jobs are projected to grow by up to 25% by 2031, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data from Indeed.com showed in February 2024 that 228 business analyst jobs were available within 35 miles of Riverside and that in California the average base salary was $93,431.

The major was approved by the UCR Faculty Senate this month. It requires students to do in-depth coursework in the areas of business, math, statistics, and computer science. Because of its strong technical and quantitative focus, the School of Business will seek STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) certification for its business analytics major. Providing hands-on experiences, the program also requires an internship in the business analytics field.

Beginning next year, the School of Business expects to enroll a selective cohort of business analytics students that will grow to about 100 such majors in the coming years.



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