A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

Accounting’s Dynamic and Evolving Landscape

Sharing her own passion for business, Professor of Accounting Ivy Zhang motivates her students to explore new and complex concepts

When asked why she was compelled to earn a business education herself, Professor of Accounting Ivy Zhang’s answer is definitive: “I have always been intrigued by the dynamic nature of the business world, where innovation, strategy, and problem-solving intersect.

A business education offered me the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of commerce.”

Accounting was the discipline to which she was most drawn. “I was captivated by the ability of accounting to translate complex financial data into meaningful information that helps stakeholders,” she says. “Accounting also offers a dynamic and evolving landscape, with the advent of technology and data analytics revolutionizing the profession.”

Zhang joined the UCR School of Business in 2018. “One of the primary reasons I chose to be a professor was the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students as a mentor and educator,” she says. “Guiding students through their academic journeys, seeing them overcome challenges, and witnessing their intellectual growth is incredibly gratifying.”

She teaches both undergraduate and graduate students, and in the classroom, she takes a student-centered approach with hands-on projects and group activities.

“By engaging in practical tasks, students can demonstrate their comprehension and develop essential skills that are transferable beyond the classroom setting,” she says. “My goal is to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable and motivated to explore new and sometimes complex concepts.”


Ivy Zhang’s research focuses on two areas: the CEO labor market and social media. She recently co-authored “Outside Opportunities, Managerial Risk Taking, and CEO Compensation” in The Accounting Review.