A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

Marc Reede - College Motivational Speaker Talks Mentors and Networks

Business Speaker Series Week


Marc Reede, college speaker and motivator, delivered an inspirational message to business students on the need for mentorship, networks, persistence in the face of “No”, and navigating through a professional career.

Marc Reede combines years of experience as an expert “lecture agent to the stars”, working with the most respected names in sports and business with his own philosophies about professional development and mentorship.

His dynamic talk took students behind the scenes to hear from titans of industry through video clips that featured exclusive advice from business and sports icons and influencers.

Finding the "Yes"

See Reede's advice on facing "No" in life and persisting until you find the "Yes".



Fight Story - Find a Mentor

Identify those in your inner circle with the realization that your best mentor candidate may just be one of your professors.


Hear more from Marc Reede at https://marcreede.com/