ABLE Program Impresses Yet Again

The UCR School of Business completed its third Accelerated Business Leaders Education (ABLE) program this August, 2019. The three programs were attended

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by over 200 participants from over 30 universities around the world, including some of the top partner universities of the School of Business, such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, University of Lima, and I-Shou University. 

ABLE Students

Structured as a two-week intensive camp, the ABLE program consists of graduate-level classes and a strong career-focused component for participants to experience the impact that a UCR business degree will have in their professional career. Workshop topics included Communication, Leadership, Teamwork and Ethics, and Career Development. Students also engaged in co-curricular and cultural activities to experience life on the UCR campus and in Southern California.

ABLE students were awestruck when they discovered that the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood was on the destination itinerary. TCL, most notably known for its success with televisions, welcomed students with a presentation by Michelle Mao, president of TCL North America, and Chris Larson, senior vice president, who shared their insights about building a brand and forming high-performance teams in a competitive industry. 

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Highlights of the ABLE program included a seminar co-hosted by Lucasfilm and SolarMax. Will Chu, from Star Wars International Marketing at LucasFilm, shared the strategies and tactics employed by LucasFilm to accelerate their position and brand within the advertising industry. The program also toured an Amazon Fulfillment center to observe the modern first-class logistics industry facilities and advanced management methods.

The ABLE program not only provides an opportunity for the participants to experience life at UCR, but it also offers the benefit of an easy transition to apply for the School of Business Master of Business Preparation Program (MBPP) and to apply to graduate business programs.

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From the survey results, 72.7% of the cohort wants to apply for an academic program at UCR in the upcoming years. 95.5% of the cohort would recommend the ABLE program to others, and among them, 65.2% of the participants ranked their experience at UCR as exceptional.

The ABLE program is rapidly becoming one of the elite destinations for emerging business leaders. The School of Business is broaden the program and will recruit students from other regions around the world.


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