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UCR School of Business Faculty Leading Future Leaders


Riverside, Ca –

UCR School of Business Faculty Leading Future Leaders

During the Winter 2019 term, Dr. Sean Jasso and Dr. Kyle Ingram were among the faculty speakers at the Fifth Annual Inspiring R'Leaders Student Leadership Conference. The all-day Saturday conference hosted students from all majors across the University offering multiple workshops throughout the day focusing on three levels of leadership - individual, group, and society.  

Dr. Ingram's workshop entitled Discovering the Team in Leadership engaged the students in a competitive simulation aimed at helping participants understand more about their role as a leader and team member.  Ingram's session also clarified the importance of goal setting, leadership and role clarity when engaging in team work.  Dr. Jasso's workshop entitled The Corporation - A Fore for Social Good: Strengthening Your Competitiveness in 50 Short Minutes, demonstrated how the most competitive firms in the world, both small and large, not only provide jobs we need and products we want, but equally important, provide opportunities to give back unlike any entity in the world.

Cross-campus engagement is one of the School of Business' most important contributions to serve the University at large while showcasing the Business School's spirit of collaboration and commitment to excellence in the classroom.

The School of Business looks forward to joining the faculty at the R'Leaders Conference in 2020.