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Professional Organizations

Professional Organizations

Make the most of your business experience by joining one or more of the over 400 student organizations at UCR! Get active outside of the classroom with others who share your interests, passions and career aspirations.

By participating in student organizations, students can develop interpersonal and leadership skills – soft skills that are crucial for successfully entering the job market. Being part of a business organization is extremely beneficial toward securing a job after graduation. In addition, research shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities earn higher GPAs and feel more satisfied with their educational and social experiences.

UCR offers many opportunities to stay active on campus, both socially and professionally! To find the current listing of all UCR student organizations, visit UCR Student Life.

Organizations for Graduate Students at UCR

Business-themed student organizations provide MBA students a unique opportunity to network with fellow classmates and future professional colleagues.

  • Professional Organizations
    • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and its predecessors have been serving the accounting profession since 1887.
    • The Association for Operations Management (APICS) The Association for Operations Management (APICS) is the global leader and premier source of knowledge in operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing and logistics.
    • The CFA Society of Los Angeles (CFALA) Established in 1931, the CFA Society of Los Angeles (CFALA) is a network of investment management professionals in the greater Los Angeles area. The CFA Society of Los Angeles is a member society of CFA Institute.
    • National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) has a rich history of providing education, networking and public advocacy, empowering its members to achieve career success and financial security. Members are female executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to NAFE's mission: the advancement of women in the workplace.
    • National Human Resources Association (NHRA) Through programs and services offered across the country, the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) strives to support human resource professionals throughout their career life cycle – from intern to executive – as human resources leads the way for positive change within businesses of today.
  • External Organizations
    • National Black MBA Association, Inc. A professional membership organization of black graduates with MBAs and advanced degrees, as well as entrepreneurs. The mission of the NBMBAA is to increase the number and diversity of successful blacks in the business community.
    • National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) NSHMBA fosters Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development. It works to prepare Hispanics for leadership positions throughout the U.S. and offer tools for cultural awareness and sensitivity practices that are vital to management.