A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

‘Focused on Effectiveness Rather Than Just Practicality’

Professor Sean Jasso awarded the student-voted Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence
By Laurie McLaughlin |

During the process for nominating faculty for the prestigious Golden Apple Award, a student evaluated the classroom style and instruction of Professor of Practice Sean Jasso: “He’s definitely one of the best professors I’ve ever had. His classes are challenging, and the work is not easy, but a rigorous institution would expect that from a top professor. His lectures are focused on effectiveness rather than just practicality. He is an amazing professor.”

This evaluation reflects Jasso’s mission to ensure students take advantage of both lessons learned in the classroom and the opportunities beyond campus—even across the world—to strengthen their skills, enhance their knowledge, and bolster their capabilities as they enter the job market.

Prof. Sean Jasso with two undergraduate business students at Olmsted Hall

Jasso received the 2022-2023 Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence for undergraduate prerequisite and core courses. The honor is voted and presented by students annually at a spring banquet to faculty members providing the best overall classroom experience for learning engagement, teaching style, and innovative teaching methods. He also received the Golden Apple Award in 2017 and 2018.

Jasso teaches core courses, including Strategic Management, Corporate Strategy, Marketing Management, Judgement and Decision Making, and Ethics and Law in Business and Society. “I’ve taken six of Dr. Jasso’s courses, and I understand that everything he teaches and stands for is built on a foundation of strong ethics and morality,” wrote a student during nominations. “He challenges us to behave ethically.”

Jasso joined UCR in 2003, and he has led the UCR School of Business’s educational domestic and international travel program for 13 years. In 2023, he established an endowed gift: the Dr. Sean Drake Jasso Global Scholarship, which will help fund student travel.

“In all the years that I’ve done the global programs, I’ve been moving toward creating a scholarship. I want to help students in need see the world,” he says.

“Dr. Jasso helps students by spending his own free time and effort to create global programs so that UCR students are more global-minded,” wrote another student recommending Jasso for the Golden Apple.

“A global mindset enables students to broaden their perspectives on everything,” adds Jasso. “The objective is for our students to gain confidence and strengthen their overall competitive value in the labor market.”

Jasso also serves as adviser to the many competitive teams representing the School of Business and the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management at national, state, and local case competitions, and these contests require months of research and teamwork in addition to the students’ usual academic load.

“I personally know Dr. Jasso has helped quite a few first-generation college students develop a deeper and more integrated understanding of business and strategy as team members for case competitions,” was another nomination statement from a student.

Added another: “He loves what he does, and it shows.”