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Business students travel to gain a better understanding of business across the globe
By Darin Estep, Laurie McLaughlin |

In August 2023, 12 students, family members, and friends traveled to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel—a “bucket list” trip, says Professor of Practice Sean Jasso, who directs the global education program at the School of Business.

Each December, a dozen students also travel to Washington, D.C., and about 25 students take an annual trip to Oxford, England.

“A global mindset enables students to broaden their perspectives on everything,” says Jasso. “The whole point is gaining confidence and strengthening their overall competitive value in the labor market.”

There are many opportunities like these for students to learn abroad. Visit the UCR Business Global Programs overview to learn about the options.

In the last year, students from the UCR School of Business, home of the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management made educational journeys that greatly enhanced their knowledge of global business practices:


Over 10 days in August 2023, the UCR Business cohort traveled to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel exploring the region’s entrepreneurial economy, including women in leadership, the customer service-centric society, and examples of foreign direct investment. The immersive journey showcases the instructive startup culture in Tel Aviv, as well as one of the largest cities in the world, Cairo, and its contrasts in antiquity and modernity.

UCR students in Egypt 2023



Over the last 13 years, hundreds of UCR Business students have spent spring break in residency at University of Oxford’s Mansfield College in England. The Oxford Young Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is an intensive week of lectures and tours—including the BMW Mini Cooper manufacturing facility known for its supply chain efficiencies and globalization. Students take a close look at European business norms and trends, as well as focusing on entrepreneurial awareness, intellectual creativity, and strategic leadership capabilities that may be applied in all industries.

UCR students in Oxford 2023


Washington, D.C.

The annual DC Intensive Program brings students in direct contact with policymakers, business leaders, and policy scholars at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government. The visit to the nation’s capital includes briefings with a lobbying firm, the Department of Agriculture, the Federal Reserve, and private tours of national and cultural monuments. During the December 2023 visit, students examined political polarization, gender and race in the policy context, and national security and intelligence.

UCR students in Washington, D.C. 2022


Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAP)

Over three weeks, the London Leadership Experience, which is part of the Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs, covers two leadership courses intended to push students out of their comfort zones. The curriculum includes visits to the offices of Google and Deutsche Bank, and students present projects to be judged by panels of international business leaders.

“These stretch assignments enable students to grow,” says Assistant Professor of Teaching in Management Kyle Ingram, who leads the London Leadership Experience. “Through these experiences, you begin to see the world differently and thereby grow leadership capacity.

“Personally, I can't think of a better opportunity to engage in a stretch assignment than an international experience.”

FLEAP courses occur during the summer and are for UCR students and led by UCR professors. Courses cover a range of majors and are planned for travel to several countries.

UCR students in London 2023



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