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Enthusiasm is Contagious

Business students select Marketing Professor Rami Zwick for a 2022 Golden Apple Award in Teaching Excellence
By Laurie McLaughlin |

Enthusiasm is contagious, according to Professor of Marketing Rami Zwick. “And experiential learning is more effective than ‘book’ learning,” he says.

Rami Zwick
UCR School of Business Marketing Professor Rami Zwick

“To engage students, I borrow techniques from edutainment—education plus entertainment—and from ‘investigative comedy.’ After all, I do need to compete with so many other attractions for students’ attention.”

And, clearly, students appreciate Zwick’s entertaining approach to teaching: “My all-time favorite professor,” wrote one student. “I love his teaching style so much that I took two classes with him.

“He embodies excellence in all aspects of his teaching, which is fun and engaging. I look forward to attending his classes.”

This student was among many who voted for Zwick to receive a 2021-2022 Golden Apple Award in Teaching Excellence for graduate elective courses. Zwick, who also serves as the UCR School of Business associate dean for graduate programs, was among five professors receiving the Golden Apple Award, and within this category, he tied with Assistant Professor of Management Ye Li.

Other voting students praised Zwick:

  • “His teaching is definitely not scripted, and he really helped me a lot.”
  • “His dedication, knowledge, and teaching style made his class the best I’ve ever experienced.”
  • “A very kind professor with great energy.”

Zwick’s investment in his students is genuine. “There is nothing better than receiving immediate and positive feedback after a good lesson,” he says. “At most, I have students in one or two courses while they are at UCR, but I cherish the opportunity to keep in touch with many of them.

“If I receive feedback that what I taught was useful in their professional and/or personal development, I am on cloud nine for a month.”