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New Student Business Leadership Council Supports Clubs

By Elias Almarez-Herrera ’23 |

With the growth in the number of student-led clubs and organizations, School of Business students and undergraduate programs staff worked together to create the School of Business Student Leadership Council (SBLC)--a centralized council to facilitate collaboration amongst various business clubs and provide funding to support activities and events.

"We don't host events, we support events," says former President Pengchi Xiao ’22. "We want to encourage students organizations and students themselves to propose ideas which can be beneficial to all the students at UCR."

"All the clubs we preside over have something unique to offer: resume workshops, LinkedIn seminars, hosting prominent guest speakers in the business field," says Vice President Kelvin Wang ’24. "SBLC will serve as the mediator between each organization willing to host these events."

The Student Business Leadership Council meets with members of the various business organizations on campus to maximize funding allocations to create the best experience for students.

"The Accounting Society decided to host its annual end-of-the-year banquet in collaboration with SBLC," says Joanne Fu ’22. "There were over 70 people in attendance including graduate and undergraduate students and alumni. We had representatives from the Big 4 firms, mid-tier accounting firms, and companies from different industries. Because we worked with SBLC, we had the confidence to initiate such an ambitious event."

This year, the SBLC will be welcoming graduate students to the executive board since many of the student organizations have members from both programs.

"We are a fellowship of students who come together to collaborate where it makes sense," says John Healy ’23, the incoming president. "We have set up communication channels and are developing our vision to increase branding across School of Business clubs for all of our students."

For more information on joining the Student Business Leadership Council, email sblcucr@gmail.com



Header image: The new Student Business Leadership Council encourages collaboration among the business school’s various student clubs