A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

Women in Business Panel Discussion

Virtual gathering celebrates women’s experiences in the field of business
By Elias Almarez-Herrera ’23 |

The UCR Business Graduate Programs Office hosted a panel of MBA alumni and student leaders in a roundtable discussion about women in the workplace. Topics ranged from inclusion to managing change to supporting and mentoring other women.

On Inclusion:

Victoria Guidry ’23, MBA-marketing: "A great vision of inclusion happens through our guest speakers and the many women who come to share their stories with us."

Jazmin Hernandez ’23, PMBA: "Inclusion inspires innovation. I see inclusion practiced throughout our school. Now that I'm part of an MBA program, I see myself growing professionally and personally. I know I’ll be able to excel in my career."

On Change & Gender Differences:

Janice Rooths ’94, CEO of Equity Leadership Academy: "When I first started in the workforce, women couldn't even wear pants. If you're a woman, people will look at you and assume you don't already know what you're doing. I'm a short person—only 5 foot, 3 inches—but I like to say, ‘I think tall.’ You take your intellect and confront every situation. Everything in business comes down to problem-solving."

Tina Tonnu ’19, vice president of pricing and profitability reporting at City National Bank: "Whenever you start a position at a company, the negotiation room is where the money's at. That's where you negotiate your pay and your benefits. When women get in that room, we get nervous, we get tense, and that's when we start to self-sabotage. We shouldn't question our ability or our worth, we should instead practice self-promotion."

On Empowerment & Support:

Renuka Kulkarni ’23, MBA: "Own up to your achievements and your skillsets. Put your foot down when it is required. Ask for a promotion or a change in project when you need it because you deserve that."

Jeanette Ordonez, director of the AGSM Career Development Center: "At AGSM, we have the Executive Mentorship Network to support women and all students. We have mentors from different occupations in different industries to guide students through the career opportunities they share about during the program. It is because of the women who came before us, the women today, and the future women leaders that glass ceilings continue to be broken."


View a recording of the virtual panel discussion: