Hand with pen, filling out survey

Surveys with Repetitive Questions Yield Bad Data, Study Finds

Surveys that ask too many of the same type of question tire respondents and return unreliable data, according to a new UC Riverside-led study. The study found that people tire from questions that vary only slightly and tend to give similar answers to all questions as the survey progresses. Marketers, policymakers, and researchers who rely...
By Holly Ober } UCR News |
Dr. Ye Li with graduate students, UCR School of Business

Decisions, Decisions: Professor Helps Students Understand Why We Do What We Do

Professor Ye Li knows why you are checking Twitter instead of working on that project that’s due next week. You might chalk it up to simple procrastination. But Li sees such things through the lens of his research of “intertemporal choices” – and the tradeoffs between immediate and later consequences. As an assistant professor of...
By Darin Estep |