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Mamma Mia! Sweden Gains the Most Musicians During the Pandemic

Call it the ABBA effect: More musicians migrated to Stockholm, Sweden during the pandemic than to any other location according to a new analysis released today by the UCR School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development. The analysis examined a very specific labor market – musicians on Soundcloud, a major online music sharing...
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Heading Up the Newly Released Hulu Ad Manager

Krishna Ganapathi started his undergraduate studies in engineering because he had a passion for technology and how it works. “But throughout my college career, I also found myself gravitating toward business, trying to understand how customers think and how businesses meet and anticipate the need of customers.” Today, Ganapathi’s work requires exactly those skills: He’s...
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Incoming Students Connect Across the Globe Via #SummerWithUCR Campaign

Every weekday this summer, Amisha Sharma ’21 has logged into Slack to connect with nearly 170 incoming School of Business students from around the globe. She might ask them to share a family photo or discuss career tips — but the real goal has been to help them feel at home at UC Riverside before...
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Seven New Faculty Welcomed in 2018

Seven New Faculty Welcomed in 2018 The UCR School of Business welcomed seven new faculty members in 2018 from some of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Ming Leung, Associate Professor in Management Ph.D. Business Administration, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business. MBA Strategy & Marketing, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business...