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Graduate School of Management

Brandon La Bella ’21, ’23 MBA

Landing a Career in Finance

During his studies, Brandon La Bella ’21, ’23 MBA, was laser focused on building professional connections both on and off campus. So, it comes as no surprise that he was hired by PIMCO while earning his MBA. “After numerous job applications and networking, I received a recruiting email from PIMCO about a compliance role that...
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Hong Kong at night

UC Investments Academy Expands Access to World of Finance

UC Investments, which manages a portfolio of $152 billion for the University of California, is bringing the world of finance and investing closer for demographically diverse students on UC campuses across the state through a new initiative: the UC Investments Academy.
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Master In Finance And Master In Accounting: 3 Reasons These Traditional Masters Are Valuable Today

The business world has undergone sizable changes in the past decade due to the ever-growing reliance on data and technology.
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Like Father, Like Son

Born in New Zealand, Highlander guard Flynn Cameron, MFin ’23, first dreamed of becoming a basketball star like his father Pero Cameron at 3 years old
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Bryan Reyes ’23

Making Investments

Undergraduate finance student Bryan Reyes ’23 has started his senior year, and he’s actively immersed himself in academic opportunities that will prepare him for a career in wealth management.
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