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Surveys with Repetitive Questions Yield Bad Data, Study Finds

Surveys that ask too many of the same type of question tire respondents and return unreliable data, according to a new UC Riverside-led study. The study found that people tire from questions that vary only slightly and tend to give similar answers to all questions as the survey progresses. Marketers, policymakers, and researchers who rely...
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Margaret Campbell, Anderson Presidential Chair in Business Administration

Curiosity Is Key to Understanding Consumers, Says Incoming Anderson Presidential Chair in Business Administration

Margaret Campbell, Ph.D., has explored and explained consumer behavior around the globe—in France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Canada and many points in between—and across the United States. So, when she arrived at UCR this summer as a professor of marketing and Anderson Presidential Chair in Business Administration, it was a homecoming of sorts...
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Tea cup and book

Lonely? These Odd Rituals Can Help

If you dunk a tea bag repeatedly into your mug or open a cream-filled cookie to lick the filling, you might find coping with pandemic isolation a bit easier than others. A UC Riverside-led study has found people who adopt unique rituals to make everyday tasks more meaningful might feel less lonely. “We found that...
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An Award-winning Researcher, Mingyu Joo Expands His Investigations into Cruise Industry Pricing

For Assistant Professor Mingyu Joo, there is an important equilibrium to attain in the pursuit of research as he explores the many facets of marketing and publishes his findings. “As a researcher, I have learned—and still try to improve—how to provide scientifically rigorous answers to practically relevant questions in the research projects I am conducting,”...
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Cruise ship (c) Unsplash / Adam Gonzales

Cruise Buyers’ Counterintuitive Response to Prices Could Help the Industry Rebound Post-Pandemic

A UC Riverside-led study on cruise pricing could help the cruise industry get back on its feet after the pandemic. The research, published in Management Science, found that customers who book early in the advance sales period are less sensitive to ticket prices, while customers who book late are more sensitive to price changes, even...
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