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Should Companies Let Employees Choose Their Tasks?

Letting employees select their own tasks is a popular means of increasing work satisfaction. However, managers should also consider the nature of the task and the employees’ specialization before letting them select their own, suggests a new study led by UC Riverside and published in Organization Science. Traditionally, managers allocate tasks to employees who are...
By Holly Ober |
John Haleblian

Exploring the Strategic Decisions Driving Mergers and Acquisitions

Professor of Management Jerayr “John” Haleblian earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology before earning a Ph.D. in business. During his academic career, he’s found that the two disciplines marry well within his teaching and research. “Training in psychology helped me better understand how organizational actors can influence strategic decisions,” says Haleblian, whose...
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Trust the power of markets

Organizations that use ad hoc groups or committees to make decisions might do better to crowdsource their decisions, says UC Riverside-led research. The study found that people trust groups even though they are susceptible to manipulation and can make poor decisions. Information markets, in which people bet on potential outcomes, tend to make more accurate...
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