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Four Reasons To Study Supply Chain In California

California is home to two of the US’s largest ports in LA and Long Beach and a key operations base for delivery companies such as UPS and Amazon.
By Almha Murphy, BusinessBecause |
Natalie Qaqish and Simon Isaac

How we Secured Careers at Red Bull & Pacific Life After Earning an MBA in California

Landing a top job in a renowned company is the ambition for many MBA graduates. Business school grads Simon Isaac and Natalie Qaqish were ready for the challenge. After completing an MBA in California, they landed their dream jobs at Pacific Life and Red Bull, respectively.
By Laura Wise, BusinessBecause |
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Master In Finance And Master In Accounting: 3 Reasons These Traditional Masters Are Valuable Today

The business world has undergone sizable changes in the past decade due to the ever-growing reliance on data and technology.
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UCR's MBAs Are Landing Top Jobs—Here’s How

The business world has long had a social mobility problem. US workers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are 32% less likely to become managers than those from more privileged backgrounds.
UCR MBA alum Val is using his knowledge of business innovation to lead two tech startups ©Val Salomaki

Why Is Learning Business Innovation So Important?

Business innovation is at the heart of the success of tech giants like Apple and Amazon. Meanwhile, companies that have failed to innovate in the face of rapid digitalization, like Blockbuster and Kodak, have failed.
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Masters in Business Analytics Syllabus: What Will You Study on an MSBA?

If you’re someone who’s interested in digging into data and leading analytics-driven projects at a top company, then a Master’s in Business Analytics degree might just be for you.