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The MBA Internship Program

All MBA students are required to complete an internship through the Fieldwork in Management course, for which they must obtain academic credit.

Each year, AGSM has over 100 students seeking full-time paid summer internships and part-time internships throughout the fall, winter and spring quarters of the academic year. Our Manager of Internship Programs assists employers in identifying students with specific experience, skills and industry focus.

Most often, organizations host either individual interns or teams of four to six students. MBA internships are usually project-based, and interns often act as external consultants who can bring a fresh perspective to the team and organization.

Past projects have included:

  • A team of four MBA students conducting a market research project comparing strategies for the U.S. and China – Cisco Systems
  • Assisting HR in developing a workforce planning strategy – Disney World
  • Designing and implementing a GPS-based supply-chain operating system coordinating emergency and disaster relief in Southern California – American Red Cross
  • Coordinating product promotions and launch events for luxury brands with numerous fashion magazines, including Dior, Fendi and Givency – LVMH Fashion Company
  • Orchestrating the sale of land to the City of Palm Desert in order to raise $1,000,000 for a community organization – Desert Arc
  • Developing a financial forecasting and budget planning process – UCR

Internship Guidelines

The internship project should be comprised of meaningful responsibilities that challenge students to grow in their skill sets and produce tangible results. No more than 20% of an intern’s duties should be clerical.

  • The length of an internship is a minimum of 120 hours of work over a period of at least 5 weeks. Most internships take place over a period of 8-12 weeks.
  • Most MBA students seek paid internship opportunities, averaging $18.00 per hour. As all MBA students receive required academic credit for their internships, unpaid opportunities are accepted under certain circumstances.
  • Employers must provide a job description, an offer letter and their internship approval on the Fieldwork in Management application.
  • International students will need to submit an application for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), which can be obtained from the UCR International Students and Scholars Office prior to beginning an internship.

Internship Program Support

Employer’s Guide

UCR School of Business Employer Guide

A complete guide to internship programs and recruiting graduate students.