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Giving Students the Up-to-the-minute Knowledge They Need

Students Honor Associate Professor of Marketing Ashish Sood with two Golden Apple Awards for teaching excellence
By Laurie McLaughlin |

Every year, Associate Professor of Marketing Ashish Sood shakes up about 20% of his curriculum.

“Why? Well, the marketing world doesn’t stand still, and neither should we,” says Sood. “I bring in the latest industry buzz and academic insights to keep my classes fresh and relevant. It’s all about giving my students the up-to-the-minute knowledge they need.”

This steadfast commitment to staying ahead of the industry is popular among his students, and they awarded him the 2022-2023 Golden Apple Award in two categories: one for graduate core courses and another for graduate elective courses.

In nominating Sood for the awards, various graduate students commented: “Dr. Sood is accessible and really cares about his students.” “He is a helpful professor with a passion for teaching and for job referrals.” “Wonderful learning experience.”

Another student commented, “He is a marketing guru and brings a lot of great insight and hands-on activities,” which reflects Sood’s teaching style.

Sood classes are not your typical sit-and-listen lectures: “We start with an hour of lecture, sure, but the rest of our three-hour session is all about getting your hands dirty with practical stuff,” says Sood, and his students don’t just learn the concepts; they live them.

The professor also brings in three to four guest speakers each quarter. “Many are former students who are out there making waves in different industries,” he says. “They share their real-world experiences, giving us a peek into how things work outside our classroom walls.”

This mix of fresh curriculum, interactive sessions, and insights from the field ensures MBA students get an education that’s not just about books and theories but about the real, ever-evolving world of marketing.

Professor Ashish Sood teaching MGT 209-001 in Anderson Hall South


Another student supports this technique: “Dr. Sood is exceptional at what he does. He has made the class more interesting, interactive, and fun.”

Of course, MBA courses are not just about the basics, adds Sood. “Marketing has become increasingly data driven, and we dive deep into models, like regression analysis, classification models, and clustering techniques. It’s about turning these advanced analytics tools into something approachable and applicable.”

He also creates a classroom environment where it’s OK to experiment and even fail at first. “This hands-on, trial-and-error approach is vital for understanding the nuances of these analytical tools,” he says. “Every student has their own way of learning.”

Another nominating student wrote: “Dr. Sood’s teaching methods and interaction with the class helped us improve in that subject and made us curious to know more with his very interesting examples.”

Receiving the Golden Apple Awards is a humbling and genuinely rewarding experience, says Sood. “I want to see my students not just learning but actively preparing to navigate and lead in a data-driven marketing landscape.”

Another student underscored Sood’s teaching style with a short and to-the-point statement: “Simply the best.”