Pre-Business Students Get a Jump in Building Their Network

Students assembled in the doors of Pentland Hills Foxhole for a Pre-Business Living Learning Community (LLC) Meet and Greet on Sept. 21
By Elias Almarez-Herrera ’23 |

The Department of Residential Life and the School of Business partnered for this Welcome Week event, a crucial time for new students to interact with one another before the beginning of classes. 

For pre-business students, building a community early-on is important. This meet and greet involved students recently admitted into the major, nontraditional students, and even residents not living within the Pentland Hills LLC, all eager for the chance to begin networking. 

“I live in Dundee [Residence Hall]. It was my friend Tanya who brought me here,” says first-year Katelynn La. “We’ve been reaching out to people, exchanging Instagrams. I can see myself staying connected with a good handful of people on future projects.” 

In order to plan for these opportunities, there is a committee of student employees dedicated to brainstorming ideas and managing the logistics for each event. From the students who approved participants' completion the Daily Wellness Check, part of the preventative R’Part initiative, to resident directors and program advisors. Nayeli Martinez, a program advisor, has a vision for future network-building events. 

“I hope to make the [residents] feel welcome at UCR and get them started on the right foot,” says Martinez. "Especially coming back in person from remote learning. There's a lot to expect." 

LLC Assistant Director Christian Sandoval-Bacerra led the presentation portion of the meet and greet. He outlined the specific academic and community-oriented goals which includes providing students the support to earn the highest grade point averages possible. 


Christian Sandoval-Bacerra (right), assistant director for the Pre-Business Living Learning Community, meets with students following the Pre-Business Meet and Greet presentation.


The Common Course List was highlighted while Sandoval addressed the student audience. With this tool, students within the pre-business LLC are connected with peers that are enrolled in the same courses. Students are embedded with proactivity in forming study groups and building a foundation of resources as they head into the start of their coursework. 

“This sign brought me here,” says Randy Chhoeung, referring to the Welcome Week promotional poster. “Starting at UCR shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve [taken classes] at community college so I know how to notetake and study. I'm [eager] to meet new people.” 

Assistant Resident Director of Academics Avi Idea explains that student-led programs can set receptive, first year students on track for professional success. 

“One [commonality] amongst pre-business students is that they may not have a concentration in mind yet,” says Idea. “Workshops can be a transformation process for students looking for direction to really figure it out. We run ideas [to support] resume building, concentration workshops, and time management.” 

Following the presentation, students were encouraged to mingle with one another. Many in attendance were first- and second-year students, whose on-campus experiences have just begun. The Pre-Business Meet and Greet was welcomed by students eager to network and connect outside of the virtual space. 

“I never have to worry about turnout with pre-business students,” says Idea. “They tend to be a bit extroverted and want to network. They know how to talk.”