A. Gary Anderson
Graduate School of Management

ABLE - UCR’s Business Leadership Program

ABLE is a two-week comprehensive global leadership program designed to accelerate your leadership, teamwork, innovation, and strategic planning skills, preparing you for the world of business. Network with students from across the world, while experiencing a taste of a world-class graduate management education from professors at one of the University of California’s top business schools – UC Riverside’s School of Business, home of the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM). The ABLE program takes place three times a year with offerings in the Winter and Summer. Read an article about the February 2021 program.

young woman smiling, sitting at laptop, chin on hand

Leadership Accelerated

Participate in dynamic workshops that will immerse you in the principles of strengths-based leadership, communication, and ethical decision-making skills 

group of students looking at a laptop

Teamwork Strengthened

Collaborate with aspiring business leaders from across the world and leverage the strengths of the team to accomplish hands-on group projects

two students working together

Innovation Ignited

Compete in our team-based business competition for the chance to win a $5,000 scholarship to UCR AGSM 

student looking at strategy board

Strategy Empowered

Create a strategic plan to achieve short-term and long-term strategic goals and apply this to your business competition 

Program Highlights

  • Learn from world-class professors
  • Interact with students from across the world in hands-on workshops
  • Test your business leadership, teamwork, innovation, and strategy skills in our business competition
  • Gain the confidence and the skillsets to lead in your business career
  • Receive assistance with your UCR AGSM graduate management education application
  • Compete for a $5,000 scholarship to a UCR AGSM master’s in business program
  • ABLE participants accepted into an AGSM graduate program will earn a waiver for a required, 2-unit core course in leadership
  • International ABLE participants will receive a TOEFL/IELTS waivers when applying to a UCR AGSM master’s in business program

Meet the ABLE Professors

Elaine Wong

Dr. Elaine Wong 
High Performing Teams

Dr. Wong is an Associate Professor of Management and specializes in organizational behavior with a focus on leadership and teams.

Marlo Raveendran

Dr. Marlo Raveendran
Strategic Organizational Design

Dr. Raveendran is an Assistant Professor of Management and specializes in strategy and organization design.

Kyle Ingram

Dr. Kyle Ingram
Leadership, Communication & Ethics

Dr. Ingram is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in Management and specializes in organizational behavior with a focus on the complexity of relationships at work.

Sean Jasso

Dr. Sean Jasso
Strategy & Business Innovation Competition

Dr. Jasso is a Professor of Practice and specializes in leadership and public policy. Dr. Jasso will lead the competition and guide students as they prepare for their presentation on the final day of the program.

Program Content

Each of the ABLE workshops have been carefully curated to empower students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to develop their leadership, teamwork, innovation, and strategic skills to bolster their business career. Below are the program workshops facilitated by UCR’s world-renowned professors and our alumni who are putting their business education to work:

  • - Leadership, Ethics & Communication
  • - High Performing Teams
  • - Strategic Organizational Design
  • - Achieving Organizational Growth through Leadership
  • - Business Innovation Competition

2021 ABLE Program Summer Offering


Monday, July 19 – Friday, July 30, 2021 
  • Applications deadline: Monday, June 21 at 11:59 PM PST
  • Payment due date: Monday, July 5, 2021

This program offering will take place five days a week from 7:00-9:00 PM PST.


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Week 1

Opening Ceremonies

Strengths-Based Leadership

High Performing Teams

Strategic Plans
that Win
Leadership, Ethics & Communication Team-Based Learning
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Week 2

Organizational Design

Achieving Organizational Growth through Leadership

Team-Based Learning

Conflict Resolution

Business Competition

Closing Ceremonies


Tessa Aguilar, ABLE
ABLE was an amazing program! I didn't expect people from around the globe to be here. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain international friendships and connections.
Tessa Aguilar
Student at Norco College in Riverside County
Akinbolade Akinfenwa, ABLE
Throughout the ABLE program, I have learned that leading is not just about achievement. A leader needs to identify their core strengths, improve on them to help their team members function, and execute with their values in mind.
Akinbolade Akinfenwa
Working professional in the U.S.
Mark Andrew de la Cruz, ABLE
ABLE is a good starting point for those who plan their graduate studies like me, and also an opportunity to learn more about how UC Riverside make things happen the most innovative way to ensure education is sustainable no matter how challenging the situation is especially in these uncertain times.
Mark Andrew de la Cruz
Working professional from the Philippines
Jinnatul Raihan Mumu, ABLE
The ABLE program has given me the opportunity to accelerate myself and prepare myself as a strategic leader to ace in the business sector! Additionally, by providing ample opportunities to learn more about the graduate business school at UCR and the freedom to contact anyone (student ambassadors, administrators and faculties) to ask for help made me feel more secured and prepared for a graduate degree!
Jinnatul Raihan Mumu
Student from Bangladesh
Ricardo Sales Cardenas, ABLE
ABLE is good to have a first experience with master’s degree classes. It was useful for refreshing my knowledge, and it gives me an idea of the class dynamics for study at UCR School of Business.
Ricardo Salas Cardenas
Working professional from Peru
Jiong Feng (Levana), ABLE
I feel quite honored to be a part of ABLE program and am very grateful to UCR ABLE staff, the excellent professors, and the ambassadors for the experience! I have learned a great deal about leadership, and I was able to challenge myself to express my thoughts in front of the class in English. I also had a great time working with my group mates in the Business Competition! This was a great way to practice the concepts, and our team even took home the first prize!
Jiong Feng (Levana)
Student from China