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CDC Advisory Board

The CDC Advisory Board consists of corporate members, alumni and community leaders who are supportive of the School of Business and have a strong interest in helping our students achieve their career development goals. This group meets three times a year in the fall, winter and spring quarters. We are constantly reviewing potential new members of the Advisory Board. Employers who are interested in joining the board should contact the Director of the Career Development Center, Jeannette Ordonez, at for more information.

  • Advisory Board Members

    Corporate, Community, and Alumni Representatives:

    • Frank Escobedo - Director, Asset Management, GE Capital (Co-Chair)
    • Luther Harris DiSalvo - Lead Consultant, Leadership Development Program, Talent Management Organization, AT&T
    • Tricia Haderlie - Senior Vice President, Talent and Training, Springboard
    • June Han - Senior Manager, Strategic Planning, Walt Disney Studios
    • John Hsu - CEO Dara, Inc. & CEO, STC Management
    • Jackie Melendez - Senior Project Manager, Community & Economic Department, City of Moreno Valley
    • Ralph Tjoa - National Manager, Product Planning, KIA Motors America (Co-Chair)
    • John Wang - CEO, Alliance Riverside Hospitality Group, LLC
    • Susy Wang - HR Manager, LT Global Investment
    • Dr. Shakti Mahapatra - M.D. Private Practice, Palm Springs
    • Dr. Omar Kattan

AGSM Executive Mentor Network

The Executive Mentor Network (EMN) is designed to engage graduate students with junior, mid-level or senior executives that work in the private, public or non-profit sectors. Students are matched with mentors who have parallel professional interests and share similar career aspirations in regard to occupation, job function and industry.  

The EMN provides an opportunity for mentors to share knowledge, insights and professional experiences with graduate students. Mentees will gain ideas and information that are applicable to their academic studies, internships, short-range job targets and long-term career goals.

Industry Partner Scholarships

The School of Business offers selective scholarships to high-performing and outstanding candidates. These scholarships promote the school’s values of diversity, inclusion and innovation, which contribute to an excellent business program and high quality learning experiences.

We collaborate with industry partners to offer scholarships for specific degree programs and specific attributes. Through the partnership, the scholarship will be in the name of the company or organization. UCR School of Business will match the amount of tuition scholarship committed by the partner. Further areas of collaboration can be discussed, such as internships, training or coaching, master classes and other opportunities.

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Company-Named Scholarship Opportunities


For information on named scholarship opportunities and matching funds, please contact:


Employer’s Guide

UCR School of Business Employer Guide

A complete guide to internship programs and recruiting graduate students.